Fraser Jacs and Ricky Tudor (BullDog Pit)

The end of the day is always the best part it, and working in a sauna is no different. Host Fraser still has the horn and it’s easy to see why with the perfectly defined French lad Ricky waiting around. Smooth chest, perfect pecs and abs you just want to lick (not to mention is big solid dick) he’s an ideal guy to end the working day on, and Fraser jumps to it, working his shaft down his throat. Moving to his smooth ass, he gets it slick with spit, eating out what must be the tastiest hole in this movie before it’s all change and Fraser is bent double taking Ricky all the way! This slim young man looks like a bottom, but fucks like a pro-top, fucking Fraser into the sofa, pinning his legs apart to gain maximum depth, both faces obviously loving this final fuck.













Rizzo and Eddy both served in the Navy, but many years apart. Eddy is explaining what it used to be like and Rizzo is comparing that to today’s Navy. It seems there are a lot more resources for the men in the Military these days, including what sort of equipment they use to stay in shape.
As they show each other a few work out techniques, Eddy is eyeing Rizzo’s lean muscular build. Eddy sits down, which puts Rizzo at eye level with his crotch. Rizzo quickly unbuttons the fly of Eddy’s pants while Eddy unbuttons his shirt. The smaller sailor kisses his bigger buddy’s rippled abs and starts sucking on his nipple before pulling his thick uncut cock out of the bottom of his underwear. While Rizzo sucks on it, Eddy closes his eyes and enjoys the wet warmth of his mouth surrounding his dick. Rizzo grabs and strokes it with his right hand, his fingers not able to wrap all the way around the circumference. He works his pants off, revealing thick legs and a plump ass, never taking his mouth off Eddy’s cock while doing so. Once Eddy sees that ass, he wants his giant meat thermometer inside it. Rizzo is ready and offers his ass up to his buddy. Eddy eases his giant member into the tiny asshole as Rizzo groans from being stretched. Once it’s in, he starts pounding away as Rizzo strains against the impaling he’s getting. Eddy flips him on his back and manages to jam the entire massive fuckstick into his hole, Rizzo moaning as he is split in two. But Rizzo wants more and asks to ride it. Climbing onto Eddy’s lap, Rizzo shoves the girthy rod into his hole, taking it all the way to the balls, then pushing downward to feel it deep inside his abdomen. Rizzo screams, “I’m about to shoot!” as a wad of cum emerges from his foreskin, landing on Eddy’s rippled tummy. Eddy stands while Rizzo lays on his back so that he can catch the multiple sprays of jizz cumming out of the huge fuckstick and landing in his mouth.
















Issac Jones (UK Hot Jocks)



Joshua X “Rugged Muscular Hunk Strips Naked and Beats His Meat” (ManAvenue)



Glenn & Jordan Cleary RAW (ChaosMen)


I sometimes dread giving you the back-story on some of these videos.  This video was supposed to be a flip-flop video with Jordan testing the waters bottoming for the first time.Well, that was not to be. Jordan tried and tried and tried but he just couldn’t sit on Glenn’s cock, which would droop after 90 seconds of fidgeting to get it in. I guess I could have left it in as an OutTake, but as usual, I feel like it spoils the flow, so putting this info in the Summary, doesn’t ruin the flow of the actual video.

The guys jump right to it, 69ing and rimming each other’s holes. Glenn sure can lick like a pro, while Jordan beat back the bush and had at Glenn’s hole with his tongue.

After 6-7 misfires with Jordan sitting on Glenn’s cock, we reset and tried with Glenn sitting on Jordan’s cock, and even then, Glenn took his time accommodating Jordan’s thick stick.

Once in though, Glenn gives Jordan quite a ride while Jordan matches his pace and begins fucking him fast and hard.  Jordan really is an amazing top, so I am not too sad to see he isn’t versatile. Or maybe next time I will find a partner with a “starter” cock.

The two spoon, and I know I just said it, but Jordan is such a great top that he can work this position like no other.  I love being able to see Glenn’s hole get pounded while he strokes his hard cock.

Glenn uses Jordan’s cock to make himself cum. Jordan unloads all over Glenn’s hole, marking him as his Boy for the day!













Shredded Tim & Corey’s 1st Threesome with Wayne (ActiveDuty)















Braking Into Fantasy with Brett Bradley, Isaac Hardy (Extra Big Dicks)


Dolan Wolf and Ben Cox (EuroCreme)

It’s time for Ben to be called into the Deacon’s office, and although ben tells Danny, there’s nothing either of them can do right now. After a quick talk with his newest recruit, Dolan gives Ben the opportunity to take the choir leadership and make it his own, ousting the used Danny. It’s not what Ben wants, but Danny has been rude, and in the grip of the Deacon, there’s only one answer to give, and that’s yes sir. Leaning in, Dolan kisses ben on the neck, instigating the breach of trust and the hot fuck that’s about to come. Almost mirroring what the Deacon has done with all his boys, Ben is taken to the sofa, shown a nice curved dick and muscled hairy body, what young lad could resist that?! Ben is completely under Dolan’s spell and enjoys every sordid second on that sofa, Ben’s own large dick pumped hard and soon explodes in gallons of spunk.. just as Danny bursts in to the office with something to say…









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