Tony Barcia is a hot young Italian guy, with a great smile, thick mane of hair and beautiful olive skin. To stay in shape, he loves motor cross, hanging out at the gym and fucking for a good workout. When this young stud is not out getting admiring glances from suitors, he likes to strip down and show off the rest of his assets. Once his shirt comes off, you can see right away why he is in demand. Tony has a lean and perfectly toned body with ripped abs. Underneath his pants, it is easy to see his bulge growing as he runs his hands across it. Soon you can make out the outlines of his rod as it grows underneath, forcing him to peel his pants off and get hands-on with it. He lays back and starts stroking away as his cum-filled balls bounce below. Once he gets his pants down to his ankles, his muscular runners legs come into full view before he kicks of his pants. Then Tony jumps to one knee to show off his amazing profile as he jerks his cock some more. His beautiful butt cheeks tense as he thrusts his cock into his iron grip. Once he lays back, one hand behind his head, body in perfect symmetry, he brings himself up to the edge before gipping the sofa and spraying a monster load across his body. The pearls of cum show perfectly against his tanned skin as he slumps back into the sofa to milk the last few drops of load out. 















Zac West and Junior Price (Uk Hot Jocks)

Junior and Zac have taken their Range Rover Sport out for a spot of shopping, they park it up and think no more of it. On their return they hop in and get ready to go but there’s a problem, the car won’t start? Zac can’t figure out what the problem is but the battery appears to be completely flat. He’s left with no alternative but to call a recovery truck to tow away his pride and joy. They tell him over the phone it’s going to be a couple of hours until they can get out to them. What are two isolated HotJocks to do with themselves? Zac has an Idea and it doesn’t involve waiting patiently. They strip each other off right in the car park, kissing, groping before sucking each others ample meat. It’s a big climb up onto the bonnet so Junior puts one foot on the bumper and readies his arse to get fucked! Zac slams his cock up juniors butt and grinds his tight perfect body against him, making him moan and groan. Taking it around the back, literally, he opens the boot, gets Junior in and gets his arse in the air ready for Range round two! Zac smashes into him making the whole car rock back and forth, Junior wanking his huge dick getting fucked and blowing his load on himself. Zac pulls out, pulls him out of the car and gets him on his knees ready for a hot facial spunking.














Straight Tease with Mike Gaite & Owen Michaels (Next Door Buddies)


Owen Michaels likes teasing his friend Mike Gaite whenever they get together. Owen knows Mike will sneak a look at his package whenever he can, and that secretly, though they are friends, Mike’s got a hard on for Owen. Owen likes the attention and the seductive torture it inflicts upon Mike, but lately, Owen has been wondering what it would be like if he just gave in and had his way with his buddy. As the two of them watch some boring ass baseball game, Mike undresses Owen in his mind as Owen lay stretched out on the sofa. The crack of Owen’s ass teases from out the back of his sweats, and Mike envisions tonguing Owen, gagging on his cock and having Owen pound him from behind. Mike pictures what it would be like as Owen pounds him from behind, grabbing him by the shoulders as he pounds Mike and smacks him on the ass, fucking him silly and then drenching Mike’s face with his pent up load. Mike wonders about all of this, and luckily for him, today is the day when his dreams become reality.Enjoy!


Tommy Obey (Squirtz)


Cooper Reed & Vander & Wren TagTeam RAW (ChaosMen)


Ever since Cooper Reed came to work with Team Chaos, I had been wanting to put him with Vander. The two have such great energy, and I knew they would hit-it-off. I knew Cooper could certainly bottom for Vander, he is always one to take one for the team, but Vander is actually not a good Top when the guy is just getting through it. Cooper could take it for sure, but I think he would be gritting his teeth the entire time.

Enter Wren, who can take just about any cock, and usually doesn’t bone-up until one is deep inside him. I knew Wren would love to have Vander’s cock inside him, and that would keep Vander hard and with Cooper fucking him at the same time, Vander would be in heaven!

Vander starts-off between the guys, his massive cock already hard as both guys take turn kissing him. Cooper and Vander have a total make-out session while Wren starts trying to deep throat Vander’s cock. Cooper then slides down to help Wren tackle Vander’s knob, trying his best to get as much in his mouth as he can. Wren climbs up then feeds Vander his cock. Vander is loving having a cock in his mouth while being sucked-off!

Cooper climbs on up and feeds his cock to Vander and starts kissing Wren. Vander tries to get both cocks into his mouth at the same time, but ends up mostly sucking each cock in turn, keeping both guys hard.

Vander lays on his back while Wren sits on his face, but also paying attention to Wren’s cock. Cooper starts lubing up Vander’s hole with his tongue, getting him ready to be fucked. Wren spins around and works Vander’s cock while Cooper tongue’s his hole.

But Wren is eager to get fucked, so he spins backs around to let Cooper fuck him. Vander is in the perfect position to not only suck his Wren’s dick, but lick Cooper’s cock as it slides in and out of Wren’s hole!

After fucking Wren, Cooper lifts Vander’s ankles in to the air and begins pounding his hole. Wren sucks on Vander’s cock, getting a close-up view of the cock sliding into Vander. Finally, Wren sits down on Vander’s cock while Cooper Fucks Vander. I am sure Vander was loving that sensation!

A whole bunch of crazy other positions go on, including some daisy chain fucking., but the ending is of course the best!

Wren cums first as Vander fucks him on his back. Cooper cums next, his load dropping on to Vander’s cock as it goes in and out of Wren’s hole. Cooper spins around and gives Vander an ass to lick to help put in the perfect mindset to cum, filling Wren with his load.

Vander roll Wren’s cummy ass in the air, and both Cooper and Vander lick the cum from his hole, sharing the cum between them!

















Brady Kent flexing and stripping (Bentley Race)

I have had many of my mates asking me when am I going to shoot with the sexy Brady Kent again? I met the 25 year old wrestler from Bulgaria in Berlin 2 years ago. He was there on vacation with some mates while I was also visiting on vacation. We had kept in touch over the past couple of years and organised to meet again in Berlin. I like shooting with straight guys. And Brady Kent is one of my favourite straight mates. As well as flexing those beautiful natural muscle and stripping naked for me, Brady loves to joke around while I am clicking away. His video was especially hot as he lays back on the bed jacking his uncut cock. I had no idea how far back to stand with the camera just as he was about to cum on the table. As it turns out I was not far back enough as Brady squirted cum right across the table and way beyond the view of the camera. That was a massive load of cum and he shoots a very long way! And check out that big smile at the end as he checks just how much of a mess he made on that table. It’s always a pleasure shooting scenes with my muscly mate from Bulgaria.















Morning Glory with Alec Leduc & Emilio Calabria (Men of Montreal)


Marko met up with our newcomer, Emilio Calabria, to talk more about Emilio’s plans with us. He wanted to show Emilio some of the guys on the site and see who he would team him up with for his first guy-on-guy scene with us. Already, Marko had mentioned that Alec Leduc was at his place and he could introduce him to Emilio.Alec was having breakfast when Marko and Emilio entered. Emilio seemed rather comfortable but it was obvious that he was still nervous about shooting with another guy. He was still negotiating with himself the idea of having a crew around him while having sex. Alec had had a night filled with sex and debauchery, but had failed to shoot his load (and by the look of the load he spat out at the end of this scene, he was hankering to let loose!). So the kitchen counter became their play space. Emilio shoved aside the basket of bananas while Alec pulled out Emilio’s sizable banana, got on his knees and sucked away…Emilio was enjoying this attention and eventually started to loosen up. Speaking of loosening up, his butt hole did the same thing… it loosened up as he first got fucked from behind by his more experienced partner and he eventually rode Alec’s cock and worked up a significant sweat. The kitchen counter was definitely not the most comfortable place to be screwing on, so the guys made their way to the couch and, there, it was time for Alec to take Emilio’s very sizable 9′ uncut Italian sausage. Alec was a real trooper. He has become quite comfortable and enjoys taking it just as much as giving it.Emilio’s fucking action was hot to look at from behind. That hot bubble butt moving back and forth as he was shoving his big dick into Alec. His fucking action was getting him close to coming and he gradually pulled out to let loose on Alec’s abs. Then, Alec surprised us, because as soon as Emilio came, he jacked his cock off and quickly unloaded a HUGE amount of cum that flew right up to his chin. Load after load came out of his dick as he finally was able to release his pent up cock from a night filled with sexcapades and a morning romp.Emilio was impressed and couldn’t help himself by calling Alec a real pig! So he was…



Paul Canon F**ks Ryan Fields (Broke Straight Boys)

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