Akira Solo (ChaosMen)


Akira is a social and easy to talk to guy. He was very professional about meeting and setting everything up. Very mature for only being 21 years old.

On the car ride to the studio he said he had had sex with a guy and even sucked his cock. Currently he has a girlfriend who was blowing-up his phone the entire trip. It is a new relationship, but I think she knew he was up to something naughty.

He has hooked up twice with the same guy. First time it sounds like he just got head, but the second time he returned head and even fucked the guy. So he figured he could do it in front of the cameras, plus he also said that he likes to show-off. He knew enough about gay sex to know he liked twinks, and despite only having been with one guy, he was sure that he was at least Bi.

For the solo, he stuck to watching straight porn. He jerks-off very fast, and gets his cock hard quickly.

He also does a great job showing us his ass. His girlfriend loves to rim his hole, and Akira loves having his ass licked. Hmmmmm.

He cums easily, focusing on the porn in order to spill his seed for us!

Akira will be back soon to swap some head with another guy!










Ayer Solo (ChaosMen)


I found Ayer on of all places Facebook! He was in a list of ‘People You Should Know’ and I figured why not add him. He is a hot guy after all! Little did I know he was packing some seriously thick meat!

I actually have never found a model via Facebook. Guys will submit themselves via other social media, but rarely do I ever reach out, but my spider senses were tingling, and I figured he might be game to play on camera.

I added him as a friend, said hello, and one thing led to another, then soon he was taking his clothes off at my studio!

Ayer had actually been wanting to some adult work, and with his fat, 8″ cock, it needed some time under the spot light. It was destiny!

I did ask him to grow back his pubes, and like all the guys, considered his pubes as currently being natural. Grrrrrr. Sorry guys! I just don’t know if I am going to win this battle on my own. I might have to start a campaign against over-grooming, or a at the very least a group recovery for us fans of natural body hair!

Ayer was not nervous at all, and boy did he fill his cock up quick! The dude was hard in next to no time, slowing stroking it while focusing on his head. I put on Taylor & Tobin’s video, and that did the trick. He likes the muscle dudes of course!

Hope you enjoy this guy with the super thick (and long!) cock!











Aaron Dickson FUCKS Sebastian Hook (Gayhoopla)







Channing & Cruz RAW (ChaosMen)


Cruz is back after having a second baby. He took some time off for school also. He and his wife are still going strong, but Cruz is now comfortable with his attraction to men, and with his new mindset wanted to try gay porn again. Bi guys do exist!

He also has been working out hard, and when I saw his progress, I knew I wanted to put him Channing.

In the past, Cruz was a better bottom, but he says he has gotten a bit more aggressive as a Top, so I figured they could fuck each other.

Cruz has a lot more passion also, which Channing responded to nicely. Lots of kissing and a little bit of body worship.

I would say Cruz has leveled up at giving head. He sucks on Channing’s cock like he means it, and even eagerly rims his hole. I think Channing is also getting better at sucking dick. I haven’t quite figured Channing out. He has not had girlfriend in the time I have been working with him. He is always charged up and ready to play with a dude. He is super shy, but at times I wonder if maybe he is playing for wrong team. Even still, we had straight porn going on set, and both relied on it to get hard between photo takes. Channing is young and it took Cruz awhile to declare himself officially Bi.

Cruz bottoms first with him sitting on Channing’s dick. Channing pulls his ass cheeks apart so we can see his cock slide in and out. Yup! Cruz is still an amazing bottom, and made out with Channing as he fucked his hole!

It was time for some Cruz control, so he fucks Channing doggie style. For the first time since working with Channing, he actually winces as he gets penetrated. Cruz is quite hung, and Channing struggled to accommodate it. Channing finally loosens up so that Cruz can get some deep fucking action going. Was a little worried for a moment!

Cruz knew for certain that he could cum from getting fucked. Have yet to get Channing to try this, so I think the next video we will see if he can cum while being fucked. He stays so hard as a Top that he can just keep fucking until the Bottom busts his nut. It is great to see Cruz’s cock spurting cum as Channing’s cock hammers him!

Channing pulls out and bust his load all over Cruz’s hole, breeding our young daddy’s hole!














Forrest Marks BOTTOMS for Phillip Anadarko (Gayhoopla)









Bryan & Vaughan Rafferty Serviced (ChaosMen)


I don’t normally give guys a chance to do 3 oral only videos where all they do is get their dick sucked, but Vaughan is so dang cute, and somewhat local. Like a few of the other models where I give multiple chances to push through their limits, I keep thinking Vaughan will eventually come around.

He is still trying to get his vehicle situation worked out. He has a really nice muscle car, so my guess is he is addicted to upgrading it. So perhaps not as hungry for video work as many models to pay bills. His motivation is for super charging his need for speed for his cars and motorcycle.

I like Vaughan, and well, I wanted to suck his dick. Also I was looking to do some videos to help with the Holiday Marathon. Airing 12 days of video is expensive and hard to do, and I am cheap labor!

This video really reminds me of Troi’s Serviced video. Vaughan seems in disbelief, and focuses on the TV playing porn. But as soon as I started sucking him, he lost interest in the porn, and I had him lost in the sensations.

I could have made him cum with my mouth, but after filming so many serviced videos, I knew Vaughan is not a distant shooter. So ramped him up orally then switched to jack-hammering his cock till his load spills out.

Once again I left only one camera shot as I build him up to cumming. So it is a bit long of a Serviced video, but you can really tell that I worked hard to pull that load out of him!

Just after he cums, his eyes settle back on the TV, perhaps a bit embarrassed and not sure what to do after having a man make him cum.











Awesome Foursome (Eurocreme)



Eddie Alvarado FUCKS Jerry Cabrera (Gayhoopla)


Jerry Cabrera was actually the first person to stick Eddie Alvarado’s peen in his mouth. What he loved about this video is how well Jerry Cabrera & Eddie Alvarado got along. Eddie started the video actually fixing Jerry’s eyebrows and we anticipated a great pairing to let Eddie experience his first man on man action. (He’s a barber in his normal life) Jerry Cabrera has become quite enthusiastic in front of the camera lately. This cock hungry, uncut bush of hair, was practically begging for Eddie’s flesh. Eddie was really nervous for his first scene but seemed to really let the edge off as soon as the two swapped saliva. Eddie started to get much more dominate as he loosened up Jerry’s perfect ass. Hope everyone enjoys! We keep getting asked to release this video so… HERE!













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