Rocco Steele fucks Marco Sessions (TimTales)


ALEX (Active Duty)


What a sweet blessing to have this fine soldier on our squad.  Alex is a down-to-earth guy who, I think, is eager to find a place with us here at Active Duty, and I suspect he’ll fit right in.  Claude brings him in this time for a nice, extended solo jerk session and the two chit chat for a quick spell before Claude lets Alex get down to the good stuff. Alex fattens up his nice cock before pulling out the top of his gray sweatpants and black underwear.  He does some nice stroking with his balls peeking out too.  Eventually, he ditches the bottoms altogether and sits down on the end of the bed. Alex uses plenty of lube to tug and twist his large meat.  And boy does he work it!  I enjoyed seeing his entire body involved as part of the thing.  There are moments where I notice Alex’s legs shifting in involuntary reaction to the pleasure…very sexy indeed.  From there, we have Alex on his belly, thrusting his firm dick into the bed for some excellent pillow fucking.  Claude gets some wonderful shots of Alex’s hard dick from Alex’s own point of view.  I sure do like the topiary work he has done.  This is an example of the fruits of well-directed man-scaping.  I always enjoy a nice bit of hair left for the right look.  Especially just above such a luscious cock! Alex really gets into some great intense jerking before shooting his load.  It was an excellent build up there at the end and we see how much Alex is capable of losing himself in the moment.  I know we have a gem here and I’m excited to see this handsome soldier come back, hopefully to pound some ass with that gorgeous body!













Dustin Holloway turns into a power bottom for Tyler Wolf (RandyBlue)


Sex Lies and Surveillance with Denis Vega & Jessy Ares Max Torro (Drill My Hole)


Wanna Go Inside? with Tyler Hill & Daniel Ross (8 Teenboy)


QUENTIN & JEREMY (Active Duty)


Well Claude has been very busy lately working with incoming recruits and keeping things at the Active Duty San Diego bunker running full steam ahead.  He’s been knockin’ ’em outta the park with these new guys, and managing to pair them up very nicely.  This time, we take a look at a very nice recipe Claude has put together, using two very hot ingredients! Jeremy doesn’t have any trouble getting hard once Quentin wraps his mouth around that fat cock.  Wow, does Quentin enjoy that thick ol’ thang!  He bobs real nice and deep for a while.  Jeremy, like I said, is certainly not standoffish.  He gets right in there and jerks Quentin’s dick while enjoying the thorough sucking.  Afterwards, Quentin fits that huge erection into his tight hole, he rides it real good.  I couldn’t wait to see how Jeremy did with his dick inside a man, and oh YES did he exceed my expectations! From there, the duo repositions so Jeremy can slam him from behind.  This way seems a bit more familiar to Jeremy, but maybe it’s only because he’s pushed past those initial first-penetration jitters.  Then we get to the real meat of it.  Just as Jeremy is sitting down on Quentin’s cock, the very first time he’s had a dick inside him, he looks at Claude with a big smile and says, ‘This is it, first time real deal.’ All three guys laugh and Jeremy gets on with it. We get to see him slowly work his virgin hole up and down while on top of Quentin for a while.  Then he goes to his back and Quentin takes the power role.  This is the best.  Quentin doesn’t hold back much, and really delivers a good pounding.  Claude even remarks, ‘He’s earning his money.’ Join these two beautiful recruits for an explosively good time, and enjoy seeing them spray their warm loads for a great finish. 













Roman Todd Fills Cooper Dang with Cum (RandyBlue)

Roman begins the scene by abruptly announcing that he is going to fuck the shit out of Cooper. Cooper seems alarmed about the promise of a hard pounding but after Roman grabs Cooper and pulls him into his hunky embrace, all is forgotten. Roman wraps his muscled arms around Cooper and slides his tongue down his throat. Cooper gives into the passion. As Roman grabs a handful of that hot Asian bubble butt, he states he cannot wait to fuck him. Cooper is happy to open his legs, he lubes that hard cock and sits right down on Roman raw. Roman bareback fucks Cooper and then Cooper hops off to suck his cock. Then he hops back on and lets Roman fuck him nice and hard. Once Roman starts to fuck Cooper doggie style, he gets overwhelmed and cream pies Cooper. As he pulls out the cum starts flying every where and drips out of his hole. Then Roman shoves it back in and and keeps on fucking. Finally he gets Cooper on his back and fucks the cum out of him and they collapse into a hot warm passionate embrace. Be sure to check out all the hot HD video action right here at Randy Blue.











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