Zale Solo (ChaosMen)


Zale wins the award for getting his cock hard the fastest!

Ok, well, maybe some guys pop out of their underwear hard, but very few hop into the bed completely soft, play with their cock 15 seconds, and have their cock standing at full attention. Literally, don’t blink while he gets it hard.

Zale is a confident guy, not cocky, and you can tell based on his photos, that he loves to smile!

He likes exotic women, and mentioned that he likes bright black women. You can tell in the interview I am a little confused by what that means. Did he mean smart black women? Super dark black women? Shiny skinned black women? I moved on confused.

He is super polite. Very professional for someone his age, and has a solid head on his shoulders. Just a horny guy looking for some extra cash! He works a bit in construction, and was happy to lay down some pipe for us at ChaosMen.

Zale has a great sex drive. Loves to jerk-off, and admits in the video that he has to keep a towel handy to cum into because he shoots all over the place. We took advantage of that and had him cum on his knees. He does cum a lot!

This is a rock solid solo, and I love his energy. Definitely want him to come back and do more!














Cute 21 y/o Max Micheals – First time mates (Bentley Race‏)

Let me introduce you to my new cute mate Max Micheals. The 21 year old from South America was so excited about doing his first shoot with me. He couldn’t wait to come around and meet me. I was hoping to get this guy naked outside but it was the beginning of winter and decided it wouldn’t look so good to have him freezing his butt off. So we headed down to my studio to get Max posing and stripping. This guy was a bundle of energy as we got started. Max has a very cute accent and jokes a lot as I get him pulling a few poses. He makes me laugh a lot. Eventually I get Max bending over as I lay on the floor to get some shots of that beautiful bum. But just wait till he turns around to show you that big thick uncut dick. It is already starting to grow hard as I click away. Then Max asks me if he can jack off on my bed…  hey, why not? He gives me one very hot fleshlight fucking show before blowing cum across his belly. I would say that this was one very successful first shoot for my new cute mate. Now let’s find him a mate to do a duo session with.















FELIX MEETS HIS MATCH! with Felix Brazeau & Mam Steele (Men Of Montreal)

Felix Brazeau has built himself a reputation as Men of Montreal’s expert in-house power bottom. He has gone as far as being double fucked by Marko Lebeau and Alec Leduc. In this shoot though Felix has met his match hooking up with Mam Steele. Felix gave up his ass to the Cock of Steele and was vacillating between pain and pleasure throughout the shoot. The day didn’t start out with any troubled feeling of taking Mam’s almost 10 inches of hefty cock. He was pretty confident, in fact, knowing that Alec Leduc and Emilio Calabria had preceded him in riding the short but cock heavy inked top. The height difference between the 6’1′ power bottom and the 5’6′ power top was clearly visible as the guys took a walk on the boardwalk that bordered Montreal’s historic Old Port. It was a beautiful and hot late September day and the guys wanted to take in the changing fall colours. They ended their walk in a small nearby playground where they had fun doing chin ups and ab crunches. From there they headed back to the apt. and got into some pretty intense making out. Right off the bat, Felix made his way from Mam’s lips to his big fat & hard cock. He sucked and lapped and even deep throated his scene partner as he was having a great time. Mam’s ass hole was next to get some of Felix’s expert tongue action. This got our top’s dick revved up and hankering for some ass. Felix got on all fours as Mam mounted him from behind. This is when our power bottom’s confidence level was shaken. Convinced he could take it with ease, he was surprised when Mam’s deep ass pumping was hitting deep inside. Felix needed to take a few breaks in action to get comfortable. We were sure this was going to be a feat to shoot right to the end. Mam took Felix’s ass doggy style, in a preacher position and in a reverse cowboy stance. Mam even got into some foot action as he started sucking on Felix’s toes and sole while pumping his cock deep inside his partner’s expanding asshole. Felix was a trooper, he kept on going, taking Mam’s bone hard 10 incher all the way. He was getting more and more comfortable and at one point even encouraged Mam on to keep pounding. His facial expressions were showing a guy getting more and more comfortable and wanting more and more cock. Mam was having a great time. Initially cautious with his killer cock, once Felix’s ass expanded, he went to town on his bottom’s butthole with no restraint. To cum, Mam wanted Felix to work his cock some more. And suck is exactly what Felix did. Lying on the bed with his face directly beneath Mam’s dick, his face got covered in jizz when his partner dropped his white load. In turn, Felix jacked off to deliver his own load of creamy cum all over his abs.After the shoot, the guys headed to the shower and Felix admitted that this had been the biggest he had ever taken, and the most challenging dick. But, he was determined to not be upstaged by Emilio and Alec, and he was happy with his performance… and had a great time! How competitive!













Brannon & Cooper Reed RAW (ChaosMen)


When Brannon first came in to do some videos for ChaosMen, I took one look at him and knew he would look amazing with Cooper Reed. Sure enough the two of them look awesome together! Both are tan, shredded, and ready to fuck some muscle ass!

I was not sure how Brannon was at bottoming, so I set this up as a flip-flop video, just in case he struggled to get fucked. Well, of course he did just fine, and Cooper ends up fucking him most of the video.

Brannon still seems to need to be guided, which is no problem for Cooper who likes to be in charge. Cooper is used to new guys, so he just takes the lead if the other guy won’t. Brannon starts by sucking on Cooper’s cock.

Cooper returns the favor then bends Brannon over the bed, to rim his hole and gets it all slicked up to stuff his cock in. I thought Brannon would have to stop as Cooper slid it in, but he toughed it out and road through the initial pain. Before long he was loving getting ass-rammed!

After Cooper had his way with Brannon’s ass, he tosses him down and climbs on top of him. He then proceeds to milk Brannon’s cock with his ass. Cooper rides him like a pro, jerking his cock with Brannon deep inside of him.

Brannon said he had not cum while getting fucked, or at least he didn’t remember doing it. So we made that our mission. Cooper fucks him until he is spilling his load, and you can tell the orgasm is really intense.

Cooper nuts all over Brannon’s hairy hole. He uses his finger to slide globs of jizz deep into his ass!



















US Marine Chase blown & rimmed (SpunkWorthy)

Chase loves getting head. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on the perspective), his girlfriend isn’t that good at getting him off with blow-jobs. After his massage scene, though, he realized that guys really do know how to get the job done. So, when Chase’s GF went out of town, recently, he sent a text asking about “getting together” again.

Once the cameras were fired up, Chase almost laughed at how hard his dick was getting before his jeans came off. The bulge of his cock was pretty evident even when he first walked in the door.

Chase mostly closed his eyes at first, going to his happy space and just enjoying the ride. But when I took his dick all the way in my mouth, he looked down with fascination at his 8-incher being deep-throated.

Last time, I discovered that Chase really liked getting his ass played with. I pushed back his legs and rimmed his hole while he squirmed in ecstasy, jerking his cock. Up on all fours, bent over, the look on his face was priceless as my tongue worked its magic on his tight hole.

After Chase stood up and slowly face-fucked me for a few minutes, I could tell he was getting ready to explode. He lay back on the sofa and got ready for the finale. I glanced up while working him up to the finish and saw Chase tweaking his nipples which seemed to push him right up to the edge. Within seconds he gasped that he was getting close and a monster load flew out of his cock, landing on the floor, the side of the couch, and all over his stomach.












Hooker Stories 3 Episode 2 with Adam Ramzi & Colt Rivers (NakedSword)

Adam Ramzi gives him a call. Colt shows up at Adam’s apartment and is shocked by his stunning good looks. Colt can’t help himself and breaks one of the cardinal rules of escorting by asking Adam why he’s paying for sex. Adam explains this is his first time; he’s been busy with school, but also reveals that he’s considering escorting himself. His training session begins when Colt strips them both out of their clothes and expertly goes down on Adam’s fat cock. Adam flips him over and tongue-fucks Colt’s fat bubble-butt, then shoves his rod deep in the hooker’s ass. They continue to fuck in a wild reverse cowboy and end up missionary with Adam jerking Colt off until he cums. Adam feeds Colt his load and hands him a handful of $100 bills, winning the approval of Colt who says next time he’s paying!
















Kato & Ransom Serviced (ChaosMen)


Ransom sure got an easy one! He had Kato on edge practically the entire time!

At first, Kato didn’t seem to be taking the video seriously. A mix of disbelief, embarrassment, and even a little bit of “it’s not gonna happen.” might have been swirling in his head.

Ransom gets his cock hard quickly, then Kato soon realizes he is not only going to stay hard, but going to have to fight from cumming! He warns off Ransom a couple times as he lays there in astonishment.

Even flipped over, stifling some giggles while he got his ass rimmed, Ransom could barely touch his cock. Just like his solo, I asked him when he had last ejaculated, and he said that morning. Obviously the guy literally needs to bust a nut every couple hours!

Kato was embarrassed to admit it, but he was shaking with sexual arousal during this video. He still thinks he can’t suck dick or do more, but I think that worry is mostly about what his friends might think. It is rare in this day and age to hear something like that, but I find the guys with more Bi in them than they are willing to admit, are the most reluctant to do more.

We shall see. He really was shocked at how good it felt, and perhaps one day we will see his soda can dick planted in a dude’s ass!















Aussies Sarpa and Jay – First hook ups (Bentley Race‏)

I’m pretty excited today to post up the shoot I did with my best mates Sarpa and Jay.  I have made a lot of hot scenes with these guys, but never with them together. So I knew it was going to be a fun day when they both turned up at my place at the same time. Even though it is winter now in Melbourne the boys braved the cold up on my roof to pose for some photos. Though Jay was very happy to try and get Sarpa naked out there as he pulled his jeans down. Then we headed back inside so the guys could warm up and get some much raunchier photos. They were getting pretty heavy, so I grabbed the video camera just in time to catch Jay getting ready to fuck his new mate. 
Both Jay and Sarpa are gorgeous super fit mates. All my mates ask me if they can get in on scenes with them. I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more scenes starring guys soon.















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