Bradley & Jon RAW (ChaosMen)


Bradley was watching for his videos to air when a video of Jon & Pax aired the very week his Serviced video appeared.

After watching Jon get fucked by Pax, he asked if he could do a video with Jon. I suppose wanting to give Jon’s hole a pounding from his own cock.

I asked Jon if he would like to work with Bradley, to which he took one look at his fat uncut cock and said, “Yes!” Jon thinks uncut cocks are the best to be fucked by. There is a little Out Take at the end of Jon advising Bradley on how best to use his cock to make him cum.

So, I knew I had a video with chemistry going even before we got to the studio.

Bradley said he would like to try bottoming for a video. He is mostly a Top, and you can tell he is damn good at it. But he had wanted to try bottoming on camera. I asked Jon if he thought he could top, and despite me pegging him as a Bottom, he said he would totally be down to fuck Bradley. Turns out Jon is a great Top!

Of course Bradley did not even realize that Jon is quite hung, and once he saw how big he was, Bradley soon regretted making his bottoming debut that day. But he was not gonna be a baby about it, after all, guys take his hung cock.

Since there was natural chemistry, I just let the two do their thing. Bradley leads the way. Lots of kissing, sucking and foreskin worship! Both guys eat each other’s hole, but who will get fucked first?

Bradley begins to play with Jon’s hole, and he slides his cock up and down his ass cheeks, wanting to slide it in. Jon puts his ass in the air, making a ready target for Bradley. His cock goes in easily, and the two fuck like they mean it!

When it came time for Bradley to bottom, we thought maybe sitting on Jon’s ample cock would be the easiest. Bradley struggles to sit on it, and you can tell he is not very experienced at taking a cock. But, his own cock never seems to wilt.

They change it up so that Jon can fuck him doggie style, and they hit their groove. Bradley loved being pounded by Jon’s cock! He may not be a natural bottom, but he sure did like it!

I asked Bradley if he could cum from getting fucked, but he thought he would be better at breeding Jon’s hole. Bradley goes back to fucking Jon on his back. He fucks the cum out of Jon!

Bradley strokes his foreskin until he unloads all over Jon’s battered hole!

Lots of great energy, sucking, rimming, and fucking you won’t be disappointed!













Brodie and Levi Bareback (SeanCody)


Newcomer Levi enjoyed jerking off on camera so much that it didn’t take long for him to come back to us for some more action. This time, with somebody else…Brodie! The hunky top did some homework before meeting Levi. “I saw how petit he was, you know, I like ‘em small.” It’s Brodie’s kink so he was excited to get started. “I think I’ll just go ahead and manhandle him.” We went ahead and asked Levi what kind of dicks he likes. His eyes widened, “Big ones! I just like them long and girthy.” He pointed at Brodie’s dick. “He’s equipped for the job!” It was a really hot day, and Levi decided that Brodie needed to cool off so he pushed him into the pool. Playing tricks can be fun, but you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences. Brodie gave Levi what he deserved…a rock hard cock down his throat and a rough fuck to show him who’s boss. Of course, Levi was totally okay with that, and it was crystal clear that they were both satisfied when all was said and done! 















Kiefer & Noah Riley Serviced (ChaosMen)

Tanner Valentino And Devon Felix (Broke Straight Boys)














Jaxon (SeanCody)


Jaxon was ready to roll right from the get-go. He’s a west coast Italian guy, so naturally he’s very passionate about anything he sets his mind to…that includes jerking off! He’s fit and does just about anything athletic, and when it comes to sex, he knows exactly what he wants and likes. ”Every guy should get a double tongue ring! That double tongue ring on this…” He touched his dick, “Oh my God, yeah that works!” When he got going with jerking off, it started off slow and sensual, but when he was ready to blow, he pumped his dick so hard until he came all over the place! He definitely blew some great loads! “What’s your secret?” We were curious. “Absolutely nothing. I go with the flow, which allows a good flow.”














Ricky Decker Solo (ChaosMen)


Ricky Decker hit me up to do some scenes, so I was thrilled to have a hot beefy and experienced model to come on in.

We did a solo with a FleshJack, but next week you will see him getting fucked raw. I thought we could skip the oral video, but I wanted to get some photos and a basic solo for his online profile. His look has changed over the years to scruffy with natural body hair.

He tends to like to bottom for video work, mainly because he worries about staying hard to Top. He does escort work, and plenty of gay porn, but he does identify as straight.

He even brought his own porn on a tablet, as well as his own lube. Now that is a professional!

The silicone lube does fly about, and some got on one of the lenses near the end. Sorry about that. It is one of the reasons I try to stick to petroleum jelly for shoots. It doesn’t splatter everywhere. He needed regular lube anyway to use the FleshJack, so it was bound to happen anyway.

Ricky has a hot 8 inch cock, and it is great to have him pop a nut for a guest appearance or two!














Chandler Scott And Danny Cannon (Broke Straight Boys)














Sergi and Gianni (TimTales)













Daniel and Manny Bareback (SeanCody)


Manny has only been with us for a few months, but has quickly become a fan favorite climbing up the Sean Cody ladder and riding some of our most popular models to get to highest rung! That’s where Daniel comes in. He’s ready to give Manny exactly what he wants and craves…a dirty fuck! Manny was very excited to get started, especially because he knows that Daniel is a wild one, “I’m going to be used the way I want to!” He wanted to cater to Daniel’s wild side, so he blindfolded himself and went on all fours with his ass up in the air, waiting for Daniel to come in and ravage him. Of course, Daniel was ecstatic to find out he could do whatever he wanted to Manny. Daniel never disappoints, and being paired with willing bottom Manny, this is surely going to satisfy! 


















Bentley & Truman RAW (ChaosMen)


Bentley was finally done with school and came out to do a couple shoots. We got him to bottom for Armani the day before, so the next day, he was going to top and give his freshly fucked hole a break. Truman was a little sad to not top, but only because he had just recently found confidence in being a Top.

Truman is not a complainer, and once he saw how big Bentley’s cock was, he just turned into a subservient boy.

I have a fan who loves jeans, and I have been trying to incorporate them into more shoots. They both look really hot in their denim, and Bentley’s package looks awesome as Truman rubs him through the fabric. It pops-out all engorged and ready for action. Truman was surprised as to how thick it was!

He gets down to business of getting him fully hard while Bentley encourages Truman to worship his cock.

Bentley returns the favor by having Truman stand up. He works his cock until Truman is hard, stroking his own cock. One thing I love about Truman is all you have to do is play with his cock a moment or two, and he is bone hard.

They 69 and suck each other for a bit before Bentley slides his cock inside of Truman. Truman is such a trooper! He was getting nervous that it might not fit, but as I said, he never complains. Once inside him, his cock never wilts. The dude does love to get fucked! Or at least his cock does!

Bentley gets him to lay down on his stomach and fucks him flat. He kept going really deep, making Truman wince in agony and bliss.

He pulls him to the edge of the bed for a proper pounding. Bentley has never been in better form!

In the past, we have had Truman on his back until someone fucks the cum out of him. But with his downward curve and ability to stroke his cock backwards, I knew we would get a really good under shot while he was doggie-style.

Bentley pounds his hole until Truman’s cum is raining down on the camera! Explosive!

Bentley fucks him some more than sprays cum everywhere, showering Truman’s hole with his load!










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