An American In Prague Adam Archuleta & Phillipe Gaudin (Belami)















Headhunting Chp. 2 Geoffrey Paine & Joe Gunner (KristenBjorn)

When we last saw Joe he was assisting his partner with some interviewees.
Joe has maintained a beautiful estate for the past 10 years.
Now he is eager to switch things up.  Earlier that day Joe
takes his lover, Geoffrey breakfast while he is in the tub, but it is not the
food that gets eaten.   Geoffrey starts out by deep throating his
lover’s uncut cock, running his tongue up and down the rigid shaft and swirling
his tongue around his balls.   With Joe’s cock fully aroused and
glistening with saliva, Geoffrey stands up in the tub and feeds his ample cock
down Joe’s throat.   Joe works over Geoffrey’s huge cock while
being encouraged to service his cock.   Geoffrey’s cock is nice and
meaty so he helps Joe out by spitting on his own cock.   Joe
continues to be encouraged by Geoffrey’s commands then tells Geoffrey that he
wants to eat his ass.  Geoffrey bends over and spreads his pink
hole for Joe’s hungry tongue.  Joe then thrusts his full shaft up
Geoffrey’s wet hole, while Geoffrey continues with his commands for more cock
and harder pounding.   Joe pulls his cock out and rams it back in
repeatedly as Geoffrey demands for more.   Joe slams Geoffrey’s ass
until he can no longer resist the pleasures and shoots his huge load all over
Geoffrey’s ass before unloading the last drops in his ass.  Joe is
ready to flip with Geoffrey so Geoffrey sits on the edge of the tub and Joe
mounts his cock and goes for a wild ride that pushes Geoffrey over the edge of
pleasure.    Geoffrey releases his huge load that
shoots all the way to the heavens, but saves the last gusher for deposit deep in
Joe’s ass.   I think the switching up has begun.

Antonio Biaggi and Gerald Fabiani (TimTales)












Matt Hughes and Tommy Haine (BullDog Pit)









Huge Marine Dane’s Uniformed Solo (ActiveDuty)













Gabriel Clark Hammers Asher Hawk! (CockyBoys)


















Alex has always wanted to make a girl squirt, but never had a
chance to make it happen. He’s been told by girlfriends that he should model.
But since he likes sex, he figured he should get into adult films. He certainly
has the face for the world of fashion. And his body and cock make him a strong
candidate for porn! The denim near his crotch is bulging right away. He tugs his
underwear away and a stiff uncut sausage springs out. His fur covered forearms
are tensed as he shoves his pants away from his balls, to get a better grip on
his cock. He’s still feeling constricted, so he shoves his pants down to his
ankles; revealing thick, muscular legs covered in black hair. With each stroke,
he pulls the foreskin over the tip of his cock and rubs the extra skin together
before pushing it back down, uncovering the the purple swollen tip. Finally, he
strips his shirt off so he lets the muscles and chest hair run free on the
couch. His balls bouncing between his legs occasionally bang against his taint,
creating a slapping sound. Every so often, he spits on his fingers then rubs the
head of his cock with the viscous moisture. Thick white ropes spring from his
cock, landing on his fuzzy stomach as it heaves. A few drops make their way
higher, landing on his chest and the pillow under his arm.
















Tommy White Tops Sam Northman (CollegeDudes)

















An American In Prague Mick Lovell & Kevin Warhol (Belami)














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