Harley Everett and JP Dubois (Uk Hot Jocks)

It can be lonely at the top, sometimes you have to make your own fun whether forced, bribed or by other means. JP has called Harley and Troy up to his office, he knows there have been some dodgy goings on amongst his men. He doesn’t care, so long as it doesn’t get in the way of business. He rudely dismisses them before calling back Harley to discuss another matter, his bonus. He takes out a wedge of £50’s, gently flexing it in the air, tapping it into his other hand. Before he takes it, he wants something in return, beckoning him over until they are stood toe to toe. Harley towers over JP but he is not intimidated… rather the other way around. “Come on big guy, you know what I want.” Grabbing his tie, he pulls him in to kiss him and throws the cash onto the black glass of his desk. His cold and clinical office heats up fast with hot, deep kissing. Ties and jackets hit the floor. They take turns devouring each others cocks in a spit fueled suck-fest, both guys are over 8″ thick. Harley pushes JP over the edge of the desk, he’s not afraid to be rough with his boss, this is what he wants. He takes first position, plunging his dick in, he gives him all he’s got, fucking him stupid, Harley’s chest pumping with every thrust. Taking it to the floor, Harley can really slam him now. It gets very sweaty, JP on his back and Harley working his hole from above him, sweat dripping down onto him. Harley forces JP to shoot his load over his own face before climbing over him and giving him another fateful. NOW he’s earned his bonus.












Threeway Twinks with Christian Collins, Andy Taylor & Dylan Hall (8TeenBoy)












A Jock’s Bubble Bath (Men Of Montreal)

Weighing in at 165 lbs. this blond bomb packs some pretty heavy muscle. He trains 5 times a week and works as a security guard, occasionally stripping on weekends in a men’s club in Montreal.Felix Brazeau introduced Matthew for this solo shoot. We found out that this wasn’t the first time that he’s shown his goods in front of a camera. He’s done a bit of amateur stuff in the past. This probably explains why he was so comfortable around the crew, not being shy at all. He joked around quite a bit between takes and was very casual about being naked. He didn’t hesitate to strip all off for the cameras as soon as his interview with Felix was done. But he is a quiet type when it comes time to play with himself. Cox enjoys playing with his cock and says that he jacks off on a daily basis. We also noticed that this jock loves to play with his ass just as much as his dick. He kept rubbing his hole and sticking his fingers up his chute during most of the shoot, no matter what position he was in. Matthew is yet another uncut French Canadian to grace our screen. He sports a very nice 7.5′ cock. He says he’s straight, but unfortunately for us, like too many straight boys, he prefers to have all his pubes shaved off.Once he got into the bathroom, this studly blond boy started posing and flexing for us, teasing us along the way by letting his dick poke out from under his towel oh so casually. He didn’t need much encouragement to get his prick hard and keep it that way. Neither did he need any encouragement to turn his back to us so he could show off his beautiful bubble butt. But he went further, shoving one, sometimes two fingers up his trap on several occasions.After showing off on the outside of the tub, Matthew got in the hot water and sat on the ledge in the far corner to jack his dick off. He quickly plunged in deep to get all wet and full of suds, got back up, turned around and bent forward again to show us some more of his finger fucking action. Matthew got into various positions in the tub to show us his cock, then his ass. For his finale, he laid back in the water and jacked off for the camera, dropping a nice load of white sperm that he then spread all over his chest and abs. He told us afterward that he does this all the time because ‘jizz is good for the skin’. I can think of a few other things that this moisturizer is good for!












Scott Reeves & Marco Bill Double Penetrate Milan Sharpe (Belami)














Fire Island Staff House: Brandon Moore and JD Phoenix (DominicFord)

Watch the full movie at DominicFord.com

Chris and Diego’s first hook up (BentleyRace)












Nice Piece (MaverickMen)











CORPORAL ARCHER (All American Heroes)

Corporal Archer is a Marine who loves to fight. He’s tall, dark, and handsome with a deep voice and the confidence of a man whose spent time on the battlefield. He shares stories of being in Afghanistan and the Middle East, describing the ribbons on his chest. He reaches down and unbuckles the canvas belt before unzipping the blue trousers. Reaching his hand under the fabric to massage his meat, his eyes are focussed on the images across the room. Archer strips off his shirts, revealing tanned muscles, some of them covered in tattoos. He grips his stiff cock, squeezing the shaft as he works his way to the tip with his long fingers. It seems as if every muscle in his body ripples and flexes as he reaches back to remove his suspenders before reclining at the end of the sofa. Finally stripping completely naked, the view from below in between his legs shows just how built this soldier is. He kneels on the couch as his body begins to stiffen. With a few grunts, he thrusts his hips forward and cum shoots onto the fabric below. As each new stream of cum issues, he grunts louder and breathes heavier until the cushion is coated with soldier semen.










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