Porn Date Part 2 with Adam Wirthmore & Damien Crosse (Drill My Hole)
















Edin Sol (CircleJerkBoys)


Making his debut with us this week on is 24 year old Edin
Sol. Edin is sitting on the couch as he gropes his crotch and smooth chest. He
peels off his tank top revealing his naturally smooth chest. He plays with his
cinnamon nips as he licks his finger and runs it over them making his cock
swell. He takes his time working his nipples before turning his attention to the
growing bulge in his shorts. He stands and undoes his shorts as he slides his
hand inside for more. He gropes his growing cock and decides to show off his
assets for us. He walks over to the wall and does a bit of a strip tease showing
off that hot ass of his in those tighty whities. He drops the shorts and makes
his way back to the couch where he slides those briefs just below his hot ass.
His ass is spectacular and he gropes it and spreads that muscular bubble but for
all the world to see. His ass, like the rest of him, is naturally smooth and it
definitely makes your mind stray a bit wondering where to start with this bad
boy. He then gets up and teases the tent in his briefs for a few before hauling
out his uncut cock and giving it the breathing room it deserves. Edin is rock
hard as he starts to stroke his uncut cock. His thick foreskin rolls up and down
over his knob as he jerks that dick. Standing, we can better appreciate Edin’s
body. He’s defined in all the right places and other that a small patch of hair
at the base of his cock he’s tongue ready and hair free. Edin then flips over
onto his back and continues to work his now aching cock. He gets closer and
closer to climax with every stroke and as he feels that familiar tingle in his
balls he stands and delivers. He moans in ecstasy as he blows a huge wad all
over the glass coffee table leaving it a cum-covered mess. 


Steven Ponce & Brian Bonds (MenOver30)


Ginger alert! This week on we’ve doubled up as we welcome back
Puerto Rican hottie Steven Ponce and his co-star, on and off camera, Mr. Brian
Bonds. Steven and Brian are toasting to finally moving in together. Once they
toss back some bubbly they look at each other and the fireworks begin. They
start to make out as they grope each other each one helping the other out of his
clothes. Steven slides onto his knees as he laps at Brian’s growing cock as it
strains to get out of his briefs. Brian just gasps as Steven pulls it out and
takes it in his mouth. He sucks on that cock hard and deep as he slides it down
his throat. Steven gags on it wanting to take it all down as Brian just watches
his lover service his meat. Brian then gets Steven on the couch and kneels
before him as he sucks on his toes and licks his feet. Steven plays with Brian’s
hard on with his feet before Brian goes down on Steven’s cock. Steven is rock
hard as he finally gets the attention he needs o n that cock. From there they
take the festivities to the floor as Brian gets on all four and shows off that
spectacular ass. Steven gets right to work eating that ass as he buries his
tongue deep inside that smooth hole. Brian then gets on the floor and has Steven
squat on the couch so that his ass lands on his face. Steven then rides his
beau’s tongue as Brian eats that hole deep. Steven writhes in ecstasy as he gets
tongue fucked and hornier for much more than that hot tongue in his hole. Steven
gets off the couch and sits right down on Brian’s hard cock already waiting for
him. He impales himself and starts to ride that dick as he bounces up and down
on it. Steven then sits back down on Steven’s meat as they make out and Brian
bounces him on his hard cock. Steven grunts as he gets that ass plowed deep.
Brian lies back and plows Steven even harder as Steven goes over the edge
blowing his load all over Brian. He then gets down and makes out with Brian as
he helps Brian bust his own huge wad all over his cum-covered chest as jet after
jet of cum shoot all over his abs and chest. 




We know sometimes when you’ve got nothing else to do you might as well be hand holding, but in this day and age you really can get a handful at times. Fratmen Julian lives the life of an exhibitionist through and through. Peep in and get a glimpse of him at home while he uses one hand to record and take pictures and the other to… well, let’s just say we don’t need to spell it out for you, when you can see for yourself!



















Dirk Evans (SouthernStrokes)


When Dirk first contacted the sight I got pictures of this hot guy but when I
spoke with him on the phone, he was so shy that I just couldn’t see him getting
through a photo session let alone jacking off in front on the crew. Dirk
insisted that this was something that he wanted to do so I booked him for an

When Dirk showed up, he confirmed my feelings that there was no way that he
was going to be able to pull this off. I sat down and chatted with him for a
while giving him every opportunity to change his mind but he was having noting
of it. He came here to jack off and that was exactly what he was going to

Dirk took off his shirt revealing a flawless set of abs and a perfectly
defined chest. When he dropped his pants, he revealed a nice bush and a good
sized cut cock. Dirk took off the rest of his clothes and leaned back on the
table and lubed up his hard cock.

Dirk worked his lubed cock slowly until he was throbbing and then he picked
up the pace a bit. Dirk finally slowed the pace and leaned back and squirted out
a thick load of cum all over his inner thigh. Make sure you stay tuned for Dirk
rinsing off at the end of the video. It’s Hot!















Justin Cruise is fresh meat that needs to be broken in, and there’s no one
better to do it than the jock top Adam Killian. First Adam commands Justin to
swallow his pride and put on a pair of stockings; Justin isn’t into it at first,
but Adam doesn’t have the patience to put up with a whiny bottom. Adam wants him
to be a bitch, and that’s what Justin is going to turn into. After he’s done,
Adam slips on his own pair of stockings. Justin is so turned on he plays with
and eats Adam’s ass. The guys flip around and Adam eats out Justin’s ass — Adam
picks Justin up and they sixty-nine as Adam eats Justin out and the blond
Russian bottom swallows cock. Adam shows Justin who is boss when Justin gets on
his back and gets his ass fucked like a bad girl. But Justin begins enjoying his
punishment when he gets on his hands and knees and takes Adam pounding like a

























Best in the Biz with James Huntsman, Kyle Quinn, Tyler Torro (NextDoorBuddies)

When Kyle Quinn decided he was gonna become a personal trainer, he call on the Best in the Biz! He had done some scouting around local gyms and seen Tyler Torro putting on clinics in the weight room. Kyle had to have him. After striking a deal where Tyler would bring himself along with a friend who also happens to be a fantastic trainer, the three met up at Kyle’s place. Kyle hired a camera man to capture the instructional session for later viewing.Tyler showed up with James Huntsman, a top trainer with an incredible body. Once the two pros took their shirts off, Kyle knew he would need to see more. He noticed both guys had fattening erections under their workout shorts. Kyle figured he’d test the waters by grabbing Tyler’s boner. That’s when all three guys realized the only way Kyle was going to understand the proper discipline required to train gym patrons was by taking two hard dicks in his mouth. Switching back and forth between cocks, at a fevered pace, Kyle started to get it! Then Tyler bent Kyle over and slid his fat dong into Kyle’s tight, sweet hole. Even though the position wasn’t something Kyle was used to, it felt VERY good. If this is what training is all about, Kyle’s gonna be great!


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