Madrid Stories – Old Friends: Manuel Olveyra, John Rodriguez (Kristen Bjorn)

John has flown into Madrid to visit with his old friend Manuel.  The next morning after a good night’s rest the guys meet up downstairs in their towels, which reminds them of some good old times.  The guys flip back and forth sucking on each others’ hard cocks.  Then they 69 each others’ ass and tongue fuck each other in unison.  John then mounts Manuel’s raw cock and goes for a hot ride, enjoying the sensation of skin on skin.   John then flips Manuel and rams his raw cock into Manuel’s hungry hole.  Manuel loves the sensation of a raw cock fucking him and squeezes a hot load out of John’s big cock.  John covers Manuel’s ass with his wet cum before dumping the rest of his load inside of Manuel’s ass.  Manuel’s hole is still hungry for cock so he squats down on John’s hard cock.  John pounds away at Manuel’s ass as Manuel shoots his thick load over John’s head and onto his face and tongue before John sucks the remaining cum from his cock.  Isn’t there a good friend you haven’t seen in a while you should call?





Austin Wolf takes Joe Clark and fills his straight ass with dick (RandyBlue)


Colt McGraw Solo (ChaosMen)

Colt has done video work before, but he is a Texas boy, and thought it would great to have someone more local jump in and do some hot scenes. He is looking very Ashton Kutcher right now, and I just love those full and natural pubes!

He used to do a lot of camming, but the burn out on that is usually a month or so. Jerking-off for hours and hours turns play time into tedious work.  Might sound like fun to sit around and jerk-off all day, but it does make it a lot less fun doing it over and over.

For his solo I had him use a Fleshlight, seeing if we could mix-it-up a little. He was not used to having multiple cameras, and because he cams a lot, he is used to watching himself on his monitor to make sure he is in position. So I think he spends a fair amount of time looking at himself to make sure he is on mark.

Not to say the video is not hot. He IS an entertainer, and clearly he loves fucking his toy.

I got some great shots of him slamming into the toy while it is braced on the side of the bed. Gotta remember this trick! Looks awesome watching his cock slide in and out. I like these new smaller FleshJacks, but have to admit that they really need to make them clear so we see the dude’s cock.

I suggested he take the outer casing off and just use the fleshy part kind of as a giant foreskin, and he gets really jerking fast as his cock gets closer and closer to nutting.

His head pops out the top and starts spurting cum everywhere. Truly and amazing cum shot for a solo!

I likely will get him in to do more. An oral next week, and I already see that he needs to push his energy when working with another dude, but I think, like Glenn, there is an energetic performer in there, and will see if we can push him to become the elite performer I know he is!



















Fresh Hole 4 Everyone (Fraternity X)




Jock Obsession with Colt Rivers & Jimmy Fanz (Drill My Hole)




















Body Shots with Jarec Wentworth & Phenix Saint (Str8 To Gay)

















Duncan Tyler Fucks Tristan Stiles (Broke Straight Boys)


Marco & Chris & Scott (Belami)

Chris and Marco have set up a date for a threesome, but by the end of their dinner time, the mystery partner has still not turned up, so the boys decide to take the opportunity to prepare the bedroom for him.

As is the case with most young and horny guys, they can’t seem to wait very long and end up starting their threesome as just a couple fucking.

Marco doesn’t take long at all to start fucking Chris and swapping between fucking and sucking throughout the encounter. Chris and Marco are in the shower cleaning up after their steamy encounter, when Scott Reeves finally turns up.

He does not seem too worried about missing out on the first lap as long as the other 2 guys are still up for another round. Chris is more than happy to follow up his fuck with Marco with bottoming also for Scott while orally taking care of Marco at the same time. Nobody does it like BelAmi!

















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