HARD WORKER with Cole Christiansen & Brenner Bolton (Next Door Buddies)

Cole Christiansen is palpably nervous as Brenner Bolton reviews his resume. Cole really wants this job, and as much as Brenner likes what he sees in front of him, the fact of the matter is Cole just isn’t qualified for the position Brenner has to offer. But Cole has another position in mind that just may change Brenner’s mind, and Brenner is the kind of guy who is open to persuasion, so Cole unbuttons Brenner’s shirt and strips him down to his skivvies, pulling his massive hard cock out for Brenner to inspect and admire. No longer questioning Cole’s qualifications, Brenner devours Cole’s cock, gagging on it as he fondles Cole’s balls, before turning Cole over and eating his ass on the conference table. Having sampled the goods firsthand, Brenner is ready to see how Cole works it, so he bends over and Cole plunges his money-maker deep inside Brenner, as he lets out a sigh and exhales. Cole pumps Brenner against the table, then on the table, then next to the table as Brenner shows the stamina that earned him his position in the first place, stroking himself off as Cole pulls out and blasts his face with a working man’s load well worth the wait. Brenner, coated with cum and thoroughly shagged, makes the hard decision to hire Cole. It is a very hard decision, indeed.

















TOILET VOYEUR with Brett Bradley (Extra Big Dicks)

Brett loves coming to the bathroom to jerk off while people are outside of it. This is his favorite bathroom by far and he has showed up just in time to play with his extra big cock. After a few minutes of checking out the place he goes into the stall and begins to undress. He pulls out his thick sexy meat and slowly strokes it. He can hear another patron coming into the bathroom and he strokes and moans even louder as he watches the feet of the mysterious man outside of the stall. Brett doesn’t care who hears him because that’s what’s getting him off. The thought of another man going about his business while Brett is stroking his dick without the other man knowing is why he frequents bathroom stalls. A few minutes go by and Brett is still hard at work beating his meat. The mysterious man from outside the stall is back again and knocking on the door which sends Brett over the edge as he cums all over himself moaning and groaning throughout the process. Only one can wonder what the guy outside the stall was thinking?? Enjoy!
















Ayden Troy Fs Vadim Black (Broke Straight Boys)


THE CONFERENCE CALL with Gabriel Clark & Samuel Stone (Men Of Montreal)


Welcome to one of Gabriel’s fantasy re-enactments…He is attending a conference on our behalf (which did happen!), he’s dressed like the true businessman he is (We all know how Gabriel means business!), he encounters a dude that gets his crotch stirring… Invites him back to his hotel room, but is stuck on a conference call when young Samuel arrives. He quickly puts an end to the call, makes sure they won’t bug him for a while, and gets down to some serious business. Let us introduce you to the dude he picked up. Samuel Stone is a 22 y.o. French Canadian man with a sophisticated demeanor, suave looking, yet a very horny bastard is just itching to get his ass plowed by Power Top Gabriel. Samuel is definitely a natural and promising guy that comes across as the quintessence of sexiness. Oh, we forgot to mention that he is also well endowed with a nice uncut 8′ of man meat between his legs.  Gabriel wraps up the call and immediately locks lips with the newcomer, only to quickly move to the fly of his pants and zoom in on Samuel’s cock. Gabriel devours it like a kid in a candy store discovering the lollipop of his dreams. After a good long sucking, Samuel is keen on getting his hands on Gabriel’s famous weapon. So the guys 69. With stiff boners in hand they get on their knees, strip down and get way more comfortable. Gabriel targets Samuel’s butthole that he laps up and fingers eagerly. This, as we know, is all preparation for a good fucking.  Samuel twitches in angst, just begging to take it.The camera crew had trouble following these two in what was one intense play session. Samuel first takes it from behind, then on his back, only to finish it off by riding Gabriel like a cowboy, facing the camera and letting his cock flop up and down as he hammers down on that infamous 8.5 incher. Finally, Gabriel and Samuel get into a spooning position that leads our newcomer to unleash his generous load all over his abdomen. Gabriel then gets up suck Samuel dry and then shoots his own hefty load to mix with Samuel’s.  As they did at the outset, the guys lock lips once more, all smiles for each other.

















Darius Ferdynand and Josh Charters (Alpha Male)

The sun finally comes out, and we’re given hard and horny young studs Josh and Darius, already stripping each other off on the sofa. Cock hungry Darius simply cannot wait to get Josh’s dick out from his sweatpants and into his mouth! The blond hairy stud lays back and lets the buff youngster take as much of his thick dick into his mouth as he can. Sharing dick like pros, both boys are rock solid throughout the tongue worshipping, Josh especially enjoying massaging his lips over Darius’ long handsome dick and rubbing the tip on his hot hairy young body. Desperate to move onto the fucking, Josh asks permission like a good boy and Darius can’t answer yes quick enough! Loving his nice pink arsehole, it’s really a fuck to end all fucks as Josh takes his fuck buddy in multiple positions, nice slow and even romantic, finally dumping his load over his conquest, Jack leaves them both covered in cum and kissing on the rug!











HOT FOR YOU with Isaac Hardy & Jake Parker (Falcon Studios)

Isaac Hardy and Jake Parker convey the impression of friends about to have sex together for the first time. They kiss slowly and tenderly, with lots of smiles while tentatively undressing each other. When Jake’s shirt comes off, Isaac is quick to run his hands over Jake’s smooth chest. Pants drop to the floor. The pouch of Isaac’s tighty whities is so filled hard flesh, you think it might burst. They chew each other’s lips, not reaching below yet but jousting with their engorged meat. Isaac sits to suck Jake’s cock, and a long viscous strand of pre cum drips glistening to the floor. The lads are trim and clean-cut. Isaac has scattered dark chest hair, hairy legs and a yummy treasure trail that lead to thick, dark pubes. Jake is blond and smooth; he spends a lot of time flicking his tongue rapidly against the dark center of Isaac’s hole, followed by fingering him with one, then two fingers. Isaac’s panting grows more intense as his hole prepares to welcome his buddy in. The penetration is smooth, slow and exhilarating as Jake’s fat cock slides into Isaac’s flawlessly smooth ass, delivering every inch of pleasure. The intensity grows as they fuck excitedly until Jake shoots a hot load. Isaac then covers his torso with spooge, and Jake feeds it to him.
















Daemon Sadi and Santiago Rodriguez (Breed Me Raw)

Gabriel Clark Fucks Chris Harder! (Cockyboys)

Chris Harder was excited to meet Gabriel Clark for the first time. Though Chris has already worked extensively with Jake Jaxson on Answered Prayers, he said he never truly felt like a CockyBoy until he was about to get fucked by Gabriel — or as Chris calls it, “get Clark’d.” It’s somewhat of a rite of passage at CockyBoys to “get Clark’d” at CockyBoys, and it’s a different experience each time for Gabriel.

Gabriel said right upfront that Chris was exactly his type. He couldn’t wait to look deeply into Chris’ blue eyes and pound him, watching his face morph and change — and Chris is very expressive thanks to a lengthy background in theater. The two started by swapping blowjobs, and you could tell Chris was eager to be sucking Gabriel’s dick. Then Chris bent down on all fours and took Gabriel’s cock like a champ. 

Gabriel really loved drilling Chris — the two were completely covered in sweat by the time they neared the point of no return. And after Chris got fucked hard up against a window, the two finally released their loads in a perfect 69 position. Perhaps the thing both Chris and Gabriel have in common the most is their love for cum! And there’s nothing hotter than giving AND receiving a facial at the same time!

















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