Dominic Santos Self Suck & Ass Play (RandyBlue)

Dominic Santos is half black, half italian and 100 percent hot. This boy has a lean and toned body and one of the biggest dicks you have ever seen at Randy Blue. This limber adonis told us that he had a few tricks up his sleeve. But we did not know just how amazingly talented this guy was. He told us he could suck his own dick. Now a lot of people say they can suck their own dick, but they end up looking very strained as they barely lick the tip of their head. This dude can fucking suck his own dick for real. When he said he would show us, it took him only a few seconds to get hard. He just had to think about having some hot public sex in the gym, and the next thing we knew he was hard as a rock and sucking down on his own shaft. He is a versatile performer and loves to top and bottom. He showed off his bottoming skills by turning over and finger fucking the hell out of himself. Finally he lays on his back, finger fucked his ass and sucked his dick until he came in his mouth. This man will blow you away. Literally. You are about to witness the start of a big gay porn star. I hope you are ready.












Jason Keys Fucks Christian (GayHoopla)












Bradley Cox (HardBritLads)











Rick Lautner & Phillipe Gaudin (Belami)













Amateur Aussie porn star Chris Bass (BentleyRace)

I was so impressed by the home made porn that fellow Aussie Chris Bass was making for his Tumblr page that I invited him around to my place to make some porn with us. Chris reminds me a lot of myself when I started making porn at home in my bedroom and posting it on the net. Chris gets up to some pretty horny stuff when left alone with a camera. His first shoot happened at my apartment recently with Zac Frevo behind the camera. The boys started shooting out in the laneway behind my place and then up in the back stair well of my building. Apart from having a larger then normal cock and a few special tricks, Chris is super sweet guy! He looks great as he gets naked revealing a nicely toned body and very long cock. In his video scene Chris chooses the fleshlight to fuck while Zac gets in close with the camera. He totally surprised me during the video when he bent over and licked the precum off the end of his dick. Yum! I can’t wait to see Chris get in to some action scenes with my mates this summer.















The Coach 3 with Chris Rockway, Justin Owen & Max Michaels (RandyBlue)

Chris Rockway is sick of his wrestling team and their losing streak. He has to take matters into his own hands. He takes Justin Owen and Max Michaels straight from the game to his place to get another practice session in. However, all the friction of their hot wrestling unitards causes Max and Justin to get boners. Chris realizes that they are not going to have a good practice until they all bust a load. So Chris makes them get naked. Now it is time for some nude gay male wrestling. They take turns sucking each other off before Justin and Max explode with cum. Max eats it all down and then Chris forces Justin to snowball Max. Next Chris Rockway slides his dick deep inside of Max while Max and Chris suck off Justin. Then the three train fuck with Justin playing the ham in this gay porn man sandwich. Next Justin gets fucked by Chris Rockway, and then Justin fucks Max hard and deep. Finally Max and Chris cum at the same time and they all make out and gobble down the jiz before they start up their practice again. Now this is how you wrestle. Be sure to check out the hot free gay porn trailer and all the free gay porn pics at Randy Blue.












Jeff Neils & Jason Keys (GayHoopla)

Yohann Banks and Shane Stone (HardBritLads)

















Luke Desmond and Adam James (HardBritLads)
















Jack Harrer & Gino (Belami)














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