18 year old Twink Billy Taylor has a first time fuck with Justin Owen (RandyBlue)


Jo Diamond (Squirtz)

Jo Diamond just has one of those faces that is so compelling it’s really hard to take your eyes off of him. When he smiles and laughs it’s always a heartwarming moment. But in spite of all that you just have to hate him. Jo Diamond doesn’t work out, he eats MacDonalds and drinks red bull almost daily and yet he has the body of a guy who’s out playing sports and eating his veggies every day. When I say he doesn’t work out, I should clarify because Jo considers sex a workout and of that, he get’s plenty. With his big uncut cock, it’s not surprising that he’s frequently called upon to pound some twink ass. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t allow his butt to be on the receiving end once in awhile but that’s only for a special occasion and a special guy.












GUTTER PUNKS with Hunter Marx & Drake Shooter (Hot House)

Tatted Drake Shooter and furry Hunter Marx tag the walls of an abandoned warehouse. When these punk studs are finished, they appreciate their work with a hot fuck. Drake is turned on by the entire situation and instantly gets on his knees sucking on Hunter’s thick piece. Hunter’s nips are hard and he tweaks them in satisfaction while Drake deepthroats. Going straight from sucking to getting his hot hole tagged with Hunter’s spit, Drake revels in Hunter spending considerable time on his ass. When Drake’s hole and Hunter’s cock are good and ready, the deep plowing comes begins. Hunter takes Drake from behind, ramming him from every angle and an extreme close up puts you right inside the action. For the final lap, Hunter puts Drake on his back and spreads his legs wide to penetrate even further. Drake hits the finish line with a burst of cum. Hunter reaches his finish line, Drake’s face, and Drake laps up the cum.

Brian Jovovich & Phillipe Gaudin (Belami)


Esteban fucks John Rodriguez (TimTales)


Tyler Hill Solo with Tyler Hill (8TeenBoy)

Dillon Rossi Fucks Jake Bass! (Cockyboys)

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon and Dillon Rossi and Jake Bass have been hanging out all weekend. The tension between these two was building up by the minute and it was obvious where this was going. And there is nothing like a quick canoe ride to get the boys ready for some quiet time in the hammock later that day. Inevitably, someone’s cock was bound to get sucked and Dillon’s was first in line. Jake already admitted that he’s very much attracted to Dillon’s giant cock so it’s no surprise he goes down on it to the base with no hesitation.

However, Jake and Dillon were determined to get it on all over the place. So, first, Jake sucks Dillon’s cock by the lake, then Dillon sucks Jake in the hammock and then sucks him again by the pool. It’s like they just can’t keep their hands off of each other and it’s not long before Jake bends over and finally lets Dillon shove his massive meat balls deep. Apparently, Dillon was really hitting the right spot because, I swear, this must be one of Jake’s biggest cumshots ever! And for those of you who are familiar with Jake’s cumshots – you know I mean! You can’t miss this one.














British straight mate – Harry Lane joins us (Bentley Race)

I want to introduce you to my new mate Harry Lane. Harry is a 21 year old straight British lad living here in Melbourne. One of his mates told him about the site and he immediately dropped me an email asking if he was good enough to model on the site. His pics were pretty poor quality so I wasn’t sure at first. But I’m glad I got to meet him in person. Harry is really beautiful, and a really sweet guy to hang out with. He was a bit nervous at first for his first nude shoot, but I think he did really well.  His video scene is especially hot. After we got the photos out of the way we headed to my bedroom where Harry could strip off one more time and jack off while watching a porno. Make sure you watch this video right to the end to see that big cheeky grin on Harry’s face. I’m fairly sure we’ll be seeing Harry Lane on BentleyRace again soon.












On The Lookout Episode 3 with Austin Keyes & Bray Love (NakedSword)

Cum Crazed (Sketchysex)

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