Nathan Di Antonio (Gayhoopla)


Adam Archuleta & Rocco Alfieri (Belami)


Ryan Young and Bradley Cox (Hard Brit Lads)

Usually active only, Bradley was a bit anxious about getting fucked for the first time on camera, but he really had a thing for Ryan Young, who is active only. And after alot of thought, decided to go for it. Starting off with kissing, nippleplay and groping, both lads reach inside each others sport shorts and pull out their swelling cocks, and play with each other. Ryan is already rock solid, but hung Bradley is a grower. They take turns sucking each other on their knees, and then Ryan lays back on the sofa to get sucked again, tons of very hot oral action. Then Ryan takes his time opening Bradleys very tight hole, with deep, gentle fingering. For the first fuck position the lads are on the floor, spooning, Ryan goes in slow and gentle as Bradley grits his teeth. gradually he builds up as he fucks him, and Bradleys dick looks pretty hard towards the end. Next, Bradley leans against the sofa as Ryan stands behind him to give him a harder, deeper fuck. Bradley is on his back for a final fucking, and his dick throbs now as Ryan slides his meat in and out, till it makes Bradley squirt a really good load of jizz over himself. Ryan pulls out and Bradley jerks him briefly, quickly making him cum, as he shoots his spunk out over Bradley chest. Hot stuff.












Casting Couch #321: Diesel O’Green, Elio Guzman (KristenBjorn)


Troy Taylor Tops Tommy White (CollegeDudes)

Tommy is back, still as boyish and smooth as ever, and he’s about to get his ass dominated by Troy!  There’s not too much chat between these two, they’re ready to cut to the chase and get right to the fucking and sucking as they kiss, strip, and get on the bed. 

Tommy is the first to get his dick sucked as Troy wraps his lips around that cock and makes it hard, getting it to full size before Tommy does the same and gives Troy head, eyeing Troy’s prick like it’s candy as he sucks it and rubs his balls.  These two must be horny because they can hardly wait to get to the fucking, and once Troy’s dick is good and hard he gets that twink Tommy on top of him and plugs his tight ass with his thick meat! 

Troy guides Tommy as he bounces on top of him, moving his dick in and out slowly before he fucks him doggy style, bending him over and slamming him deep with his throbbing cock as Tommy clenches in pain and pleasure.  Once Troy gets Tommy on his back it’s all over and they both finish with some delicious cumshots and a satisfied look on their faces!















Tony Axel, Joe Gunn and Geoffrey Paine (AlphaMale)

With perfect timing, the second of Tony’s fuck buddies arrives whilst Tony and Geoff are still on the bed, covered in spunk! Geoff, although needing to head off, stays for a few minutes watching alongside us as Tony drops to his knees and works on Joe’s growing dick, getting face fucked by this mustachioed, tattooed hunk. Unable to resist, Geoff gets a second, parting blowjob as Joe gets to work on Tony’s butt, eating the sloppy seconds with an insatiable appetite! Feeding Tony 2 dicks at once, this French stud gets more than he bargained for as Joe and Geoff make out as their throbbing shafts gets tongue worshiped by the beauty at the end of the bed, his ass raised for our sole pleasure, showing us his pink hole, always hungry for dick. With Geoff making a swift exit, I guess time isn’t on his side, but Joe has all the time in the world for Tony and he makes the most of it. Still hard at it in the bedroom, we re-enter and Tony’s ass up as usual, getting fucked by Joe’s tongue and fingers as he’s throat fucked. With Joe just as eager as Geoff to fuck this bottom boy, Tony’s ass is licked until it’s slick with spit, ready for Joe to slide in, fucking his playmate and giving his second dick of the day, making him yelp out in the best kind of pleasure imaginable, Joe fucking straight down into him as cameraman Jack gets right in close showing us what we want to see. Moaning and groaning in response to his powerful thrusts into his ass, Tony is loving every second, both men working themselves to a hot creamy orgasm, Joe splattering Tony’s face, neck and chest, and he returns the favour, leaving Joe dripping with spunk too!












James Hamilton Barebacks Trevor Spade (Cocksuremen)

Hung stud James Hamilton and sexy Trevor Spade are moving into their new place. Unloading the truck is hard work and James gets horny. He squeezes his fat cock and tells Trevor to suck it. He pulls his shorts down and Trevor swallows the thick man-meat. James face-fucks Trevor, making the stud choke on the huge cock. He pulls Trevor’s jeans off and blows his dick, getting him nice and hard. Trevor lays back with his legs in the air and James barebacks his sweet ass in one deep stroke. Trevor moans as James fucks his tight asshole with his raw pole. Trevor’s legs still in the sky, James squats on his feet and pile-drives his cock bareback. Trevor lays on his side and James sits up to fuck his ass even deeper. James twists and turns hitting the raw hole in every angle. Trevor takes James’s rod face down and ass up. James stretches the stud’s hole in every direction and fucks him bareback doggystyle. James Hamilton pulls out and shoots a massive load around Trevor’s hole before sliding back inside. Trevor Spade strokes a hot load from his cock and shoots on his abs.











Shower time with German/Turkish porn star Aybars (BentleyRace)











Gay of Thrones with Abraham Al Malek & Toby Dutch (Drill My Hole)











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