Aiden Pace & Theon Pure (ChaosMen)


I can’t imagine a more perfect Pure pairing!

Aiden loves being a top, and Theon’s mind and body seems to respond to an assertive and firm top. Both guys also love muscle worship and you can pretty much tell I just let these guys do what they wanted.

This is just an amazing match-up with stellar chemistry!
















Scotty Clarke Live (8TeenBoy)












Anthony Thomas, Titch Jones and Rio Francisco (BullDog Pit)










Aron & Merrill G:hOle Oral (ChaosMen)


Aron and Merrill contacted me virtually at the same time about doing more work. Aron was waiting to start a new job, while Merrill and his wife were looking to get some extra funds- his wife willingly eager to pimp her hubby out. Merill had been accepting offers to work elsewhere as well.

Aron actually said he would be down for fucking a dude. He has before with his buddy, and he is clearly a dominant Top kinda guy. Merrill seems to like having his ass played with, but likely wasn’t going to be able to handle Aron’s rather thick uncut cock this go around.

Both guys said they were eager to not only get their dicks sucked, but to suck back.  So it was off to the Glory Hole!

I was so glad to hear they both wanted to suck each other. It was a welcome relief given two previous shoots that week. Aron and Merrill were not going to be fussy eaters!

Aron seems to really be exploring dudes, and Merrill is now dancing in clubs, so it would be challenging to call either completely straight, but I think you get a feel from both, particularly Aron, that this is still a new experience, and one that has them shivering with excitement.  To them, it’s all good, and why not try everything!?

Both guys dive in face first.  I do have to admit that I am rather fond of Aron’s amazing uncut cock. Even if you aren’t a fan of foreskin, it is just flat-out an impressive cock. I think I felt a tinge of jealousy watching Merrill devour it. His eyes were weeping from the effort! Memories of the Serviced video with him…mmmmmm.

Aron does insert a butt plug in Merrill. Not a huge fuss or key part of the video, but we figured it might get him over the top easier, and clearly you can see that Aron is eager to stick more than a toy up a dude’s ass!

Both guys said they could probably handle an open-mouthed facial, so each took turns unloading in and on the other guy’s face/mouth.

There is a great moment that is easily missed. I didn’t notice it until I edited the final video.  Aron shoves his cum-covered cock into Merrill’s cum-soaked face, making him lick out the remaining jizz. They go to stand-up and trade positions.  Merrill wipes the cum off his face and uses it for lube! It is subtle, but I love that happened!

Merrill unloads into Aron’s mouth, then bends down and they share a hot and wet kiss!














Boys Bang All Day Long with Evan Parker & Corey Haynes (8TeenBoy)









Scott Hunter and Issac Jones (AlphaMale)

Scott Hunter is a man on a mission, and he’s set his sights on French stud barman Issac Jones. Having a quick pint in the Eagle, he takes his chance and is sure of the outcome. The most upfront and eager Power Bottom in the land, Scott gets his way in the blink of an eye and Issac is his for the taking – literally. Stripping off in the hot sticky bar, the muscled pair suck cock, Scott worshipping Issac’s famous dick and Issac is soon eating out Scott, spreading his honed arse cheeks apart and getting his hot tongue deep inside. Nowhere is sacred, and Scott is spread over the pool-table and fucked solidly, even giving this proud Power Bottom a run for his money. The best facial cumshot seen is ages takes place, showering Scott’s hungry face in wads of pure white spunk, leaving him joining in the cumfest over his hairy abs.
















Will Jamieson and Aaron Burns (BullDog Pit)











Coy – Solo (SouthernStrokes)













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