Sergeant Miles is taking Paolo back to basic training. Paolo has
forgotten the rudiments of physical training. So Miles is happy to remind him.
Miles is playing the typical mind games of a drill instructor, as well as
working Paolo’s body. Miles is towering over Paolo, with his crotch right at eye
level. When he offers to let Paolo suck his dick, the airman is eager to oblige.
As Paolo services his cock, Miles rips the rest his clothes off. His muscular
physique is adorned with several tattoos and a modest amount of chest hair.
Paolo, still fully clothed deep throats the sergeant’s meat, grabbing his ass to
pull the cock closer to his tonsils. Miles decides to lay back and enjoy the
service with his arms behind his head, in true rest and relaxation mode. He’s
really enjoying himself, but he wants something more. He stands and pushes Paolo
against the wall, stripping his clothes off. Now the sergeant drops to his knees
and swallows Paolo’s uncut stiffy. Hungry for some ass, Miles spins Paolo around
and buries his face deep in his crack, grabbing his cheeks and spreading them
for better access. Once his asshole is covered in spit, Paolo pushes the
sergeant onto his back and face fucks him. Miles gags on the giant uncircumcised
piece while his own rock hard cock lays on his rippled stomach. Paolo unloads a
thick wad of goo into Miles’ throat, covering his cheek and beard. Paolo leans
down and snowballs his own jiz, spitting it back into Miles’ mouth. They swap
the cum back and forth several more times and Miles grins up at his

















Darius Ferdynand (UK Naked Men)








Dmitry FUCKS Phillip (Gayhoopla)














First Time, Part 2 – Chp. 8 Maikel Cash, Donato Reyes, Aymeric Deville & Sergio Serrano (KristenBjorn)

As you may recall Donato received an invitation to an opulent restaurant for an
elegant afternoon of champagne and caviar.  Of course Donato did
not read the fine print and is now paying with the only thing that he has; his
ass.   Donato has been ushered into another room where
Aymeric sits down and takes Donato’s cock into his hungry mouth, while Sergio
takes his ass from behind and Maikel feeds him his hard cock.
Donato turns and demands that Sergio fuck him harder and Sergio delivers
with his fat cock feeding that hungry hole.   Overwhelmed with the
pleasures taking place deep within his ass, his cock being sucked and a huge
cock to suck on, Donato is left with the great pleasure of feeding his creamy
load into Aymeric’s awaiting mouth.  As much as Aymeric loves a
load of cum he also loves to have his ass pleasured.  He has
decided that Donato has had enough of all the attention and decides to take it
all at once.  Aymeric sits down on both Maikel and Sergio’s huge
cocks at the same time.  Donato lines them up and Aymeric descends
upon the mass that will bring him utter joy.   With Maikel and
Sergio scissored together Aymeric has the full length of their cocks to
ride.  After riding their cocks and bringing them both to the edge,
Aymeric wishes to taste the salty treasure awaiting to be released by these two
huge cocks.   Aymeric goes back and forth from one huge cock to the
other, tasting the juices of a hot double fuck.  Maikel is the
first to release his hot load all over Aymeric’s tongue, while Sergio’s cock is
impatiently waiting until Aymeric’s mouth sucks out his hot and creamy
load.  With his mouth and tongue drenched in cum Aymeric unleashes
his load directly at you.  Not all restaurant staff are this
accommodating, unfortunately. 

Italo and Zander Craze (TimTales)












Dolan Wolf Solo (BullDog Pit)

There’s time for one more man to give the machine a go, and hairy hunk Dolan is the man to call! This super-bottom is always good for a call, and even when he’s fucking some trade, he picks up the phone, finishes himself off and heads over to Ashley’s kitted out in a damn fine leather harness. Greeted by Ashley and his machine, Dolan doesn’t need any introduction and grabs the nearest thick dildo and squats right on it, presenting his hairy ass to the camera so we can see just how much he can take and what a great bottom he is! With the lube dripping down, he pushes the dildo all the way in and all the way out, leaving his hole more than ready for a fucking by our new favorite toy! Twisting and turning and bouncing along in motion, Dolan takes the thickest dildo as if it were just a pinkie! Watching him and hearing the machine purr, you’ll be stroking in rhythm without even realizing and shooting your load in sync with super stud Dolan!







Marine Jack’s Uniformed Solo (ActiveDuty)












Jordan Thomas Tops Josh Obrian (CollegeDudes)

















Men, Boys, & Toys: Alone Time with Levi Karter (CockyBoys)











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