NAKEDMARINE INTERVIEW: Staff Sergeant James Toro (DirtyTony)

Hunky Staff Sergeant James Toro is exactly what they’re talking about when they say they’re looking for a few good men. Hot men in uniform like this never fail to get my cock to stand at attention. He’s got a nice fat uncut dick and a furry covered chest and stomach that I find irresistible. He’s been serving in the Marines for over 9 years, and had so many stories that we didn’t have enough time for him to tell them. James, eager to perform for the camera, starts to massage his tender meat through his desert cammies until the unmistakable bulge of his raging hard-on can’t be contained any longer. He unbuttons himself and slides his textured chubby in and out of his beautiful veined foreskin with his one strong masculine hand. Before long he’s exceptionally hard and wringing precum from the piss slit of his glistening pleasure scepter. Finally, James lies back on the floor and frantically works his cum-slinger till huge loads of white sprays his stomach like machine gun fire. I hope I can convince this smoldering hot soldier to return for a different kind of man-to-man combat training.

Rocky Touch (Next Door Male)


The first time you witness Rocky Touch, you’ll be hopelessly enraptured.  The deep, hazel eyes, his firm, luscious cock, those round, well-curved ass cheeks…Rocky’s a living dream.
And you get to join him as he strokes off while looking passionately at himself in the mirror.  It’s almost like double the Touch!  When Rocky’s getting sexy, you better believe the heat turns up fast.  He knows how to feel himself all over with delicate intensity.  As the late afternoon sun pours through the window, Rocky works himself into a hot, throbbing load of emotion that turns explosive.


Jayden Grey , Niko Reeves in I’m a Married Man

Niko hasn’t been getting the attention he wants from his wife lately. One day while she is out he calls for a “friend” to come over. He is told that Jackie will be coming by but when Jackie arrives it’s a MAN! Jackie is persistent and it’s a good thing Niko is horny.  


Daniel Marvin (World Of Men)


We just can’t get enough of Daniel Marvin! One day after a shoot I was watching him shower and I instantly got hard so I thought I would like to film him and show him off to World of Men fans. Yes, I shot him naked and gave him something to look at while her jerked off. When he cums he takes his cum and plays with it. So hot!




After giving a nice glimpse of his slender frame, Glen crouches down to unbuckle Seth and pull out that big old hateful notorious club that is about to brutally bash his guts in. Seth smirks at Glen’s obvious awe of such a huge and veiny monster, as he starts dick-slapping Glen in his pretty mouth, finally jamming the swollen head into his tight throat as far as it will fit. Glen’s eyes water up while his cranial capacity is pushed to its limit before Seth extracts his thick shaft and flips Glen onto his stomach while pulling his pants and underwear down in a single fell swoop.Seth’s enormous meat gets visibly harder as the blood rushes in while he slaps it against such a youthful and supple ass, warming Glen up for an anal plumbing of a lifetime. Seth finally spreads Glen’s cheeks apart and gently guides his throbbing member deep into a fur surrounded hole so tight it nearly cuts off his circulation. It doesn’t take long before Seth is ramming all the way to Glen’s upper intestine at full speed, while Glen belts out earth-shattering moan after moan. Taking even more control, Seth grabs Glen’s discarded belt, ties his hands behind him, and pulls him up into doggy while fucking the living daylights out of such a handsome wiry specimen of bisexual boy. Glen get’s pounded so hard he is rendered incapable of articulating a single thought in the English language, while Seth stretches his tattered bunghole as far as it can get. Longing to see Glen’s pained expressions while rearranging his internal organs.


Segeant Bryant & Sergeant James (All American Heroes)


Bryant and James are both Sergeants in the Marines. James is a true muscle hunk full of testosterone and wanting to get off in any way he can. Bryant is extra hairy and full of tats and is looking to suck some cock.
James has never really done much with guys before and Bryant seems to have done more than he lead us to believe. The hairy Marine seems to really know his way around a dick. They start out rubbing through their buckled up pants almost afraid to even bump elbows. The pants soon come off and Bryant is still afraid to make a move. James is having a hard time getting it up and keeps glancing over at Bryant’s underwear and cock. It’s no use. He can’t get in the mood to beat off. After a lot of hesitation, he finally and reluctantly asks Bryant for some help. Bryant hops to it and before James even knows what hit him, the hairy Marine is sucking the hell out of his cock.


Eros (STAG Homme Studios)

Cast: Francesco DMacho, Rob Nelson
Stag Homme introduces muscle-god Hungarian newcomer Rob Nelson in a sensual versatile fuck galore with Francesco D’Macho. “Eros” focuses on a higher form of sex. It’s about everything that is beautiful and poetic about sex. This XXX feature is over half an hour of intense and passionate love-making between the two lovers. Stag Homme has done it’s share of envelope-shredding with reality porn and the more agressive and darker sides of sex, but now the studio shreds the envelope once again by bringing you to a place you’ll never want to leave, unscripted sexual intimacy. This feature also contains one unforgettable oral cumshot. Stag Homme, home to sex in every single one of its facets!!! OVER HALF AN HOUR OF SENSUAL LOVEMAKING!


Hard Friction 058 Episode Four:HOT SEX

 featuring Donny Wright and Slade

Jake wakes up in the middle of the night to take a leak at an outside urinal. His Sergeant has to take a leak as well. With dicks in hand and horned up they start talking about getting laid before Girth baits the private to suck his cock. Jake obliges and deep throats that big fucker. Girth then bends Jake over and fucks his perfect round ass, doggy style. Jake then takes control sitting on Girths fat cock he rides it long and hard.


Dynasty, Intrigue, Phenix, Quan & Riley (THUG ORGY)


Those Twister-loving horny fools are back for another video, and it looks like they’ve ditched the games to take turns on our lucky Latino’s ass in this new edition. They be slamming that hole like they were playing pin the tail on the donkey, except they’re pinning their hard cocks deep up his ass.

Jason and Fernando (Southern Strokes)


The coolest thing about our weekend at the cabin was t hat all the guys were really into each other. Jason and Nando are no exception. Jason had watched Nando get fucked by Lane and he made sure that everyone knew that he wanted to fuck him badly. Just as cute as any boy can be, Nando was eating u the attention which only made this pairing even hotter. They started making out on the couch and quickly pulled each other’s clothes off to get at the big cocks that were restricted in their pants. They both loved taking that big fat cock in their throats. Listening to them gag as they try and take it deeper and deeper imaging a huge load being forced down their throats. Jason went right for Nando’s ass as he let him straddle his face so that his tongue could get the inside of his fuck hole nice and wet. Jason ate away at Nando’s hole as Nando moaned with ecstasy and stroked his huge hard piece of meat. Jason finally stopped so that he could feel his cock deep into Nando’s eager love tunnel. Jason let Nando ride it, he fucked him on his back and finally on all fours with his knees knocked so that Nando could feel Jason deep deep inside his hot hairy hole. Watching these two fuck was really hot, Jason finally yanked one off for Nando’s eagerly awaiting tongue so that Nando could get one last taste of the thick cock that just violated him so thoroughly.

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