Jacob Gamble And Davey Anthony (CollegeDudes)

Jacob Gamble and Davey Anthony are rooming together while they’re shooting scenes at the house, and all that time spent together means they’ve grown pretty close…and they’re about to take that closeness to a whole new level!  They start with some passionate, slow kisses but it escalates quickly as Jacob pushes Davey against the desk and kisses a trail down to his cock. 

He licks and sucks Davey’s dick through his boxers, teasing him a little before he pulls Davey’s prick out and works it with his mouth, finally pulling Davey’s pants all the way off and giving us a full view of that cock.  Jacob is in need of some oral, too, and Davey is eager to deliver as he takes a seat and gives Jacob head.  They take things over to the bed where they 69 and deliver some hot and wet rimjobs before Davey spreads his ass and sits on Jacob’s super hard dick! 

Davey bounces up and down on Jacob’s cock, but it doesn’t look like Davey’s the only one who’s getting his ass stretched today!  Jacob lubes up and these two flip, with Davey topping Jacob now as he moans in pleasure, but after Davey’s pounded Jacob’s ass long enough, they flip again and then again until both of these studs are busting a nut!
















Davey Anthony And Alex Maxim (CollegeDudes)

Davey Anthony and Alex Maxim start off this sexy encounter with some slow, intimate kisses, undressing as they continue to make out while they feel each other up a bit.  After those passionate kisses, Alex heads down to Davey’s eager cock and wraps his hot mouth around it, sucking that dick real good before Davey goes down on Alex.  He pulls that meat in and out of his mouth, making Alex grow harder and harder as he delivers some amazing oral. 

Davey isn’t done with Alex yet, though!  He has a taste for something other than cock and gets Alex doggy style and eats his ass out, shoving his tongue into Alex’s tight hole as he gets him sloppy wet, Alex moaning as he enjoys that hot rimjob!  Once Alex’s ass is good and wet, Davey lubes up and slides his prick into Alex, burying himself all the way in Alex’s tight ass as he pumps in and out. 

Davey pounds Alex hard as he bends him over and claims that ass, loving that doggy style position and fucking him deep until Alex cums all over, followed by Davey who pulls out and shoots his load onto Alex’s chiseled chest muscles! 


















Santiago Figueroa And Tyson Pierce (CollegeDudes)

Santiago Figueroa was living it up last night, partying and dancing, but poor Tyson Pierce didn’t get to have any fun…Santiago is about to change that for him!  They start with some kisses as Santiago runs his hands along Tyson’s body, up his thigh and toward his cock as they continue to make out.  Tyson gets a little taste of Santiago’s big cock, running his tongue along it before he gets pushed back onto the bed and gets his own cock sucked! 

Santiago gives Tyson some delicious oral, deepthroating that cock before Tyson returns the favor, putting his ass in Santiago’s face while he sucks his cock and lets Santiago give him a rimjob.  Santiago fingers Tyson’s tight ass, using his own spit for lube as he licks up and down that ass and explores Tyson’s hole with his mouth.  He takes his time preparing Tyson’s ass before he finally slides his cock inside it, pumping Tyson full of his thick, throbbing meat and making him moan as he takes that dick. 

Santiago tops Tyson any way he pleases, pounding him hard from all angles and positions and then taking a break from all that fucking to blow him, finger him and do some 69ing!  Once they start fucking again, it’s not long before these two are shooting their load, getting cum everywhere…but Santiago is quick to clean it up!

















Santiago Figueroa And Alex Maxim (CollegeDudes)

Santiago Figueroa and Alex Maxim haven’t had much of a chance to get to know each other yet, but that’s about to change as these two start kissing and making out, taking things nice and slow as they get a feel for one another.  Alex slowly sneaks his hands into Santiago’s pants and pulls that massive cock out, wrapping his mouth around it and giving him some oral. After Alex has gotten his fill of Santiago’s delicious dick, he lets Santiago have a taste of his ass!  Santiago gives Alex a hot rimjob, fingering his tight ass between licks and burying his face between Alex’s ass cheeks.  He makes sure that ass is nice and wet before he slides his prick along it and then slowly sticks his dick inside, taking it slow so that Alex’s tight ass has a chance to stretch. 

But once he gets a feel for being inside of Alex, he doesn’t hold back anymore and he rides his hard, fucking him deep as Alex moans in pleasure.  Santiago slams Alex from every angle, not afraid to get creative as he finds the positions that let him bury his cock deep inside Alex until he shoots his hot load…and Santiago cleans it up for him!  And of course, Santiago makes sure that Alex gets a mouthful of his cum too as he strokes one out into Alex’s open mouth!
















Isaiah Douglas Fucks Davey Anthony (CollegeDudes)

Isaiah Douglas has had his eye on Davey Anthony, and now he finally gets to act on those urges that he’s been hiding!  They start off with some sensual kisses, running their hot mouths across each other’s body, sucking on nipples and kissing their way down south toward those eager cocks.  Davey pulls Isaiah’s dick out of his shorts and starts giving him head, sucking on that dick while Isaiah reaches for Davey’s ass and fingers his entrance a little. He lets Davey have some more fun with his huge cock, but he just can’t keep away from Davey’s ass!  Isaiah bends him over and runs his tongue around Davey’s tight asshole, rimming that delicious ass before sticking his dick in it and pounding him hard!  Isaiah certainly doesn’t give Davey too much time to adjust to his massive cock, he fucks him deep, pulling his hair and riding that ass as they exchange some kisses. 

Isaiah needs a break and he sits on the couch and pulls Davey on top of him, letting Davey bounce up and down on his dick before switching positions one more time until Isaiah cums on Davey’s chest and Davey shoots his hot load onto himself as well.  Isaiah cleans up all that jizz with his mouth and swaps that cum with Davey as he kisses him one last time.


















Santiago Figueroa And Kirk Cummings (CollegeDudes)

Kirk Cummings and Santiago Figueroa don’t waste too much time talking, they’d much rather get to the fun part, and that’s exactly what they do.  These sexy boys start with some slow, passionate kisses, exploring each other slowly before they get naked and 69.  Kirk and Santiago work one another’s cocks at the same time, pulling those big hard dicks in and out of their wet mouths as Kirk thrusts his a little deeper into Santiago’s mouth. 

But don’t worry, he gets an extra treat as Kirk pulls his ass back toward his face and gives him a rimjob, licking Santiago’s tight hole while Santiago continues to suck on his dick.  But then Santiago works his way down to Kirk’s asshole and gives it some tongue action as well, before they switch positions and Santiago stretches his hole wide open for Kirk. 

Santiago takes Kirk’s cock deep in his ass, letting Kirk pound him hard and rough from any angle.  Just when you thought these two couldn’t get any hotter, they flip and Santiago tops Kirk, shoving his fat cock into Kirk’s ass as Kirk begs for more!  Santiago fucks him hard, but they aren’t done yet!  More oral, more rimming, and another flip and Santiago shoots his hot load onto himself and into his mouth, and Kirk busts a nut all over Santiago’s ass!




















Kirk Cummings Fucks Jacob Gamble (CollegeDudes)

Jacob Gamble takes a break from all that studying at college to blow off some steam and bust a nut, and who better to help him with that than the hot and sexy Kirk Cummings!  These boys jump right in and go at each other, kissing and stroking their cocks as they get hard and horny.  Kirk goes down on Jacob, giving him some amazing oral and deepthroating his big, juicy dick as Jacob looks down on him from above. 

But Kirk isn’t done with Jacob yet, he bends him over and gives him a wet rimjob, burying his face in Jacob’s perfect ass.  But Kirk wants a turn at receiving, and Jacob doesn’t hold back when he puts his mouth around Kirk’s prick and sucks his massive cock until it’s rock hard and ready for Jacob’s ass!  Jacob lowers himself onto Kirk’s huge dick and his ass stretches around it as he bounces up and down, taking that cock all the way up his tight ass.  

Kirk wants it harder and faster and he gets Jacob on the bed and fucks him doggy style, riding him so hard he makes Jacob’s ass bounce with each thrust.  Kirk pulls out and gets Jacob’s mouth around his dick instead, making Jacob give him some more oral before he shoves his dick back in Jacob’s ass and makes him cum all over, followed by Kirk who shoots a huge load!

















Santiago Figueroa And Davey Anthony (CollegeDudes)

Santiago Figueroa is from Puerto Rico, and this hot stud loves to top and to take control, and Davey Anthony isn’t going to have too much of a problem with that!  To get things started, Davey gets Santiago’s dick a little wet, giving him a taste of some expert oral.  Santiago want’s more, and he gets himself undressed while they kiss and make out, taking things nice and slow and exploring one another’s sexy body until finally Santiago works his way down to Davey’s dick and takes it in his mouth, sucking that cock and giving him a rimjob, fingering his asshole a little before moving back up to his met. 

Davey can’t get enough of Santiago’s delicious meat and goes down on him some more, getting that cock good and hard.  Santiago rewards him by eating his ass out again before he finally shoves his giant cock in it.  He has to take it slow at first, his dick is just so big that it almost seems like he won’t be able to fit it all in to Davey’s tight ass, but he works his magic and slides his prick in. 

Santiago fucks Davey hard, not being gentle anymore as he rams him in the ass over and over again from every angle, burying his huge prick deep inside of Davey until he fucks the cum right out of him and Santiago licks it all up then shoots his own load right between Davey’s ass and licks that up too!
















Bruce Bertelli And Alex Maxim (CollegeDudes)

Bruce Bertelli and Alex Maxim are more than ready to get at each other, and these sexy boys don’t hold back as they jump right in and start making out, kissing hard as they strip each other down until they’re both naked.  Their cocks press against each other until Alex reaches down and rubs their dicks together while Bruce runs his hands along Alex, exploring his hard muscles and massaging his balls.  Bruce can’t help but want to wrap his mouth around Alex’s meat, and get goes down on him, sucking that cock and licking his balls until Alex gets his own craving for some meat!  He shoves Bruce’s prick all the way, deepthroating it as Bruce thrusts it even deeper.  Watching Alex suck his cock makes Bruce want to take it to the next level and he lubes up and shoves his prick deep inside Alex’s tight ass. 

Alex takes it in stride, jerking his own dick while Bruce stands over him, pounding the fuck out of him.  Bruce adjusts Alex however he wants him, moving him in all different positions so he can fuck him harder and deeper until Alex busts a nut onto his toned abs, followed quickly by Bruce’s hot cum all over his balls!
















Tristian Stiles Fucks Jacob Marteny (CollegeDudes)

Jacob Marteny is a licensed massage therapist, and he’s about to work Tristan Stiles’ cock over…and you can be sure this will finish with a happy ending!  Once Tristan and Jacob have been unleashed on each other, they immediately start making out and strip slowly between kisses. 

Tristan gets on his knees and goes down on Jacob first, sucking his cock until it’s throbbing hard, and then Jacob delivers some delicious oral to Tristan, slobbering on that dick like it’s the best thing he’s ever tasted!  Once these horny boys are good and hard, Jacob bends over and takes it up the ass, bottoming for Tristan as he rides him hard and deep.  Tristan gives Jacob some spankings as he fucks him, making Jacob’s prick bounce as he gets pounded by Tristan. 

Jacob flips onto his back and spreads his legs wide open to receive Tristan’s big cock and Tristan shoves his dick right in, ramming Jacob’s tight little hole as they both moan in pleasure.  One more change in positions and Jacob is straddling Tristan, fucking him until he cums all over himself then helps Tristan do the same!














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