Bryan Cavallo Fucks Bobby Clark (CollegeDudes)

Bryan Cavallo starts off this scene with a little somethin’ extra…a song about College Dudes!  We get to hear his sexy singing voice and watch him strum those guitar strings to get his mouth and fingers all warmed up for Bobby!  These two get naked in no time and they’re on each other, kissing and rubbing dicks, feeling their way around each other’s delicious body until Bryan finds his way down to Bobby’s waiting cock. 

He sucks on that juicy piece of meat until Bobby tells him to lie down and gives him head, deepthroating Bryan’s massive uncut prick and spitting all over him as he works that cock with his mouth.  Bobby could hardly fit Bryan’s cock in his mouth, and his tight ass is no exception!  It takes him some time until he’s able to get his ass stretched around that thick meat and even longer until he’s able to slide it all the way inside of him. 

He bounces on that dick and then they move into doggy style, where Bobby gets his sore ass pounded even harder and faster, taking that huge cock without complaint as he moans and bottoms for Bryan.  One more position change and these boys finish with some epic cumshots!
















Troy, Asher & Bobby Orgy Scene (CollegeDudes)

Good things come in threes, and we’ve got a damn good thing going on today!  Bobby, Asher and Troy are starring in a threesome, and that’s a pretty rare thing here on College Dudes.  But Bobby requested the company of two other dudes at once, and who are we to turn down such a kinky request? 

It’s Troy’s first time doing a threeway, so the other two have their work cut out, but they don’t seem to mind tackling that task as they start out with some kisses and make out, each swapping some spit as the cocks come out and things heat up.  Soon, Troy’s on his knees giving Asher head while Asher blows Bobby, and then they reverse that cock-sucking chain with Troy at the top and all three boys getting their fill of juicy dick! 

Threeway oral is hot, but the sex is even hotter, and it looks like Troy’s the first to bottom, letting Asher top him as his moans gets stifled by Bobby’s big prick down his throat.  Asher’s up next, getting his tight little ass pounded by Bobby while he sucks on Troy’s member, then turns around and bottoms for Troy, getting his ass pounded and his face fucked from all angles.  These guys can’t get enough of each other and they all shoot huge loads onto Asher’s stomach and face, covering him in cum!


















Asher Hawk Fucks Tyson Pierce (CollegeDudes)















Bobby Clark Fucks Josh Obrian (CollegeDudes)

Bobby’s back and ready to go before we even set these two loose on each other!  He’s bulging out of his pants for our hot stud Josh, and when the boxers come off it doesn’t look like Josh is going to take much to get him hard either!  There’s lots of kissing and cock rubbing before these boys get started on the oral, Bobby gets a mouth full of meat first and he shoves that thing way down his throat. 

As much as Bobby loves to give, he also likes to be on the receiving end of that cock-sucking, and Josh lies down and gets a little messy as he drools all over Bobby’s long prick.  But they both know the best is yet to come and once they’re rock hard and horny as fuck, these guys are ready for some ass-pounding! 

Bobby gets Josh on top of him and helps him ride that dick, only pausing for a second to kiss before they pick right back up with Bobby pounding Josh’s fine little ass.  Josh plays with his own hard cock as Bobby buries his long member all the way up his ass, fucking him any way he can as Josh bottoms in a few fun positions.  These nasty boys pick up the pace and Bobby rams Josh harder and faster until they both stroke one out and cover Josh in hot cum!
















Bryan Cavallo Fucks Jaden Bentley (CollegeDudes)

Jaden seems a little unsure of himself and after some questioning we find out that he’s heard the rumors about Bryan’s massive dick and he’s nervous about fitting that thing up his ass.  It might hurt a bit, but we’re sure it’s nothing he can’t handle!  They kiss a bit before stripping down, Jaden lays back on the bed and Bryan gives him head, slobbering all over his cock and getting them both worked up! 

Now it’s Jaden’s turn to go down on Bryan and he gets a lesson on how to give oral to an uncut dick, he works it just like Bryan instructs, being a good boy and pleasing him just as he asks until he’s gotten that cock worked up to it’s full, and very impressive, size!  Jaden knows what’s coming next and you can see the hint of fear as he bends over and takes Bryan’s mammoth cock like a champ, getting his tight little ass stretched around that thick prick as Bryan pounds him.  Doggy-style, sideways, on his back, Bryan sticks Jaden with his dick in so many positions, making sure he gets deep inside, before they both jerk one out, making a mess of Jaden!


















Troy Taylor Tops Asher Hawk (CollegeDudes)

Troy and Asher have been holding back their instinct to fuck each other for 12 whole hours, and they are more than a little excited to finally get to act on those dirty instincts!  In fact, both of these boys are hard before the clothes even come off, and once we unleash them onto each other they’re getting naked and giving head in a matter of seconds! 

They both go down on each other, enjoying some oral and get their fill of that thick meat before Troy satisfies another craving….a taste for Asher’s hairy ass!  He rims that tight hole, spitting on it and licking it back up as Asher enjoys this extra treat just as much as Troy does!  Troy adds a little lube to Asher’s sopping wet asshole and sticks his cock right in, fucking him as he plays with Asher’s dick from behind. 

These boys are in their own little world, Asher clearly enjoying bottoming for Troy as he shoves his prick inside any way he can until he’s got Asher on his back and they’re both busting a nut onto Asher’s stomach.  It’d be an understatement to say that these two enjoyed their sexy little rendezvous!

















Bryan Cavallo Fucks Alex Maxim (CollegeDudes)

Between finals at school and starting a new job, Bryan and Alex have hardly had time to kick back and relax…or time to fuck.  So we decided to give them a little break from all their hard work and reward them with some cock-sucking fun!  These two are attracted to each other in a big way, and Bryan can’t wait to get his mouth on Alex as they make out, strip down, and get right to the oral! 

Bryan works Alex’s cock with his skilled mouth until it’s rock hard and then Alex gets a taste of Bryan’s prick.  These horny boys are ready to fuck now and Alex bends over, spreading his ass wide for Bryan, who slaps that fine ass a few times to tenderize the meat before sliding his cock in and pounding him hard!  They move things over to the bed where Alex gets more comfortable and Bryan’s claims that ass again, slamming into Alex’s tight entrance and making that butt bounce as he fucks him.  Once Alex flips onto his back and Bryan goes in balls deep, it’s more than these two studs can take and they both shoot their loads and Bryan gives Alex an unexpected facial!















Jordan Thomas Fucks Asher Hawk (CollegeDudes)

Jordan and Asher have been busy with school lately, and all that studying hasn’t given them much time to get off, so we’re going to help them with that!  These two get right into it once we unleash them on each other, kissing and touching and stripping until their big dick are out and they’re feeling each other up! 

Jordan kisses his way down to Asher’s waiting cock and deepthroats that wang, giving him some amazing head as he pumps that dick in his mouth.  Asher returns the favor, going balls deep as he works Jordan’s prick up to it’s full size with some delicious oral before bending over to take that throbbing dick up his super tight ass hole. 

Jordan loves Asher’s tight little entrance around his hard cock and he fucks him hard and fast, slamming into that ass as Asher moans for more.  Standing up, side by side, on his back…Asher bottoms for Jordan whatever way he can, as long as that dick is inside him, and when Jordan’s got him on his back he fucks the cum right out of him and then shoots his own hot load! 













Bryan Cavallo Fucks Josh Brian (CollegeDudes)

Jordan Thomas Tops Bobby Clark (CollegeDudes)










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