Toby Springs Fucks Michael Roberts (CollegeDudes)

















Josh O Brian Fucks Alex Maxim (CollegeDudes)



















Tommy White Tops Sam Northman (CollegeDudes)

















Jordan Thomas Tops Josh Obrian (CollegeDudes)

















Sam Northman Fucks Alex Maxim (CollegeDudes)


















Cole Gartner Fucks Tommy White (CollegeDudes)













Josh Obrian Tops Sam Northman (CollegeDudes)


















Aj Monroe Fucks Ethan Travis (CollegeDudes)















Zach Riley Fucks Dakota North (CollegeDudes)
















Aj Monroe Fucks Mike Baron (CollegeDudes)

Mike is fresh meat, and Aj can’t wait to pounce!  As they undress, Mike
overcomes his shyness pretty quick with the help of Aj, who eagerly takes Mike’s
uncut cock in his mouth and give him some special attention.  Aj, who has
assumed the lead of innocent little Mike, directs him to climb up on the bed and
suck on his dick and Mike obliges without a second thought!  He sucks on that
cock slowly, savoring the taste of Aj’s meat as he slides it to the back of his
throat.  Aj moves things forward and gets lubed up as Mike climbs on top of him
and shoves that big hard dick into his entrance, slapping his ass as Mike rides
him.  They get Mike accustomed to Aj’s size before Mike climbs off and knees on
the bed doggy style and Aj stands above him.  He gets Mike’s ass ready for some
serious ass-pounding before sliding his dick back in and fucking him hard, fast,
and deep!  These two can’t stop moaning as Aj pumps him full of his throbbing
cock.  Aj pulls out and Mike lays on his back, legs spread and eager for that
dick to get back inside of him and as Aj slides it back in and pounds him hard.
Once Aj can’t take anymore he pulls out and they both lie down next to each
other and stroke one out, cumming all over their own abs as they watch each
other shoot their load!













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