Dante Monroe And Owen Michaels Flip (CollegeDudes)

Dante Monroe is in for a treat being paired up with Owen “Superman” Michaels, but we’ll see what Owen can do with him since Dante is a pretty big, well-built guy himself!  But of course, they have to work up to those Superman moves, and they start with some kisses as Owen works his way down toward Dante’s dick, sucking it jerking that hard cock with his hand before getting some oral in return as Dante slobbers all over Owen’s prick. 

Now that they’ve both gotten each other hard and horny, Owen climbs on top of Dante and sits right on his cock, jamming that hard dick in his ass over and over as Dante lays back and enjoys the feeling of Owen riding his meat.  Once Owen’s ass has taken a pounding, they break for some rimming, getting into a hot position as they eat each other’s ass.  Owen makes sure to get Dante’s hole dripping wet before he lifts him up and flips him onto the bed and fucks him hard, his balls slamming against Dante’s ass as he pounds him.  They flip one more time as Owen offers his ass up to Dante until they both cum, shooting huge loads all over Owen!

















Roman Daniels And Tristan Stiles (CollegeDudes)

Roman Daniels and Tristan Stiles seem totally at ease with each other, but we’ll see how long that lasts once Roman destroys Tristan’s ass with his huge cock!  Once they’re released onto one another, these guys don’t hold back, they make out hardcore as they slowly undress between kisses and the second Tristan’s dick comes out, Roman’s mouth is on it!  He licks the tip and sucks the shaft, slurping and sucking on that meat like it’s the best he’s ever tasted! 

But of course, Roman’s cock is in need of some TLC, and Tristan uses his mouth to get it super hard until he can’t even fit half of it in his mouth anymore!  A little rimming to finish off the foreplay before Roman slowly works his dick into Tristan’s ass, giving him time to adjust to his massive cock before he really starts to fuck him.  Then it’s Roman’s turn to get his asshole stretched as they flip and Tristan tops Roman, sticking his prick in that tight ass and letting Roman ride him.  But Tristan wants it harder and faster so he bends Roman over the couch and pounds him until they both shoot a huge load!















Owen Michaels And Taylor Blaise (CollegeDudes)

Owen Michaels and Taylor Blaise start this sexy scene off with some passionate kisses, clearly hungry for one another as the tops come off and Taylor kisses his way down Owen’s muscular chest and abs right to his waiting cock.  He strokes Owen’s dick with his lips, pulling that cock in and out of his mouth as Owen thrusts it deeper, face-fucking Taylor. 

Owen’s hungry for some meat as well and pulls a tricky move, flipping Taylor up on top of his shoulders so that his cock is in his face, just the perfect angle for some super hot oral.  Once he’s done with that dick he throws Taylor onto the bed and goes for his ass next, giving him a wet rimjob before pushing his prick inside of Taylor’s tight hole. 

Owen gives Taylor’s ass a few good smacks as he fucks him, his balls slapping against Taylor’s ass as he pounds him deep and fast.  Owen certainly isn’t gentle with his bottom as he positions him however he wants him and rides him hard, making that ass sore as he slams into him over and over.  When Owen gets Taylor on his back and fills his ass with his prick, it’s more than Taylor can take and he strokes out a huge load before swallowing Owen’s cum!

















Ty Royal And Roman Daniels (CollegeDudes)

Ty Royal and Roman Daniels are here to keep each other company in the sexiest way possible, and they don’t hold back!  They start with some slow kissing, locking lips as they get a feel for one another before taking their shirts off and showing us those sexy bodies.  They make out some more before getting to the oral, and Roman goes down on Ty, taking his big cock in his mouth and deepthroating that dick as he grows harder and hornier by the second. 

Roman wants some action as well, and Ty isn’t about to deny him of that as he works Ty’s prick with his hand and mouth, licking up and down his thick shaft.  Next, these hot studs 69, both enjoying some cock-sucking at the same time before Roman eats Ty’s ass, rimming that tight hole before shoving his fat dick inside of it.  He takes it slow, giving Ty’s ass time to adjust to his size before he goes a little deeper and faster, burying his cock deep inside of Ty’s ass and going a little faster as they kiss. 

Roman pulls out and they take a break from fucking to make out, pressing their bodies against each other as they swap spit.  They flip, and now Ty is topping Roman, riding him hard as Roman moans for more!  He goes balls deep, pounding that ass until Roman shoots his load and then puts his dick back inside of Ty so he can fuck the cum right out of him!















Jacob Gamble And Tyson Pierce (CollegeDudes)

Tyson Pierce and Jacob Gamble are both into sports, which means they’re both fit and ready for a good hard fuck!  They exchange some kisses as the clothes come off, and once they’re both down to the boxers, Jacob starts teasing Tyson’s bulge, kissing and licking his cock through his underwear before those finally come off too! 

Jacob takes that delicious meat in his mouth and works it, using his hand and mouth together for maximum pleasure as Tyson leans his head back and enjoys the blowjob.  But he’s hungry for some dick as well and he gets Jacob on the bed and sucks that prick, running his wet tongue along the tip and massaging that cock until it’s rock hard!  Of course, what’s foreplay without a little rimming? 

Jacob makes sure to lick Tyson’s ass before shoving his dick in it, and once he does, he pounds Tyson hard, making his cute little ass bounce with each deep thrust.  Jacob doesn’t hold back as he rams Tyson, fucking him and filling his tight ass up with his big cock while Tyson moans as Jacob’s balls slap against his ass.  Once Jacob’s got Tyson on his back and he’s riding him, they both shoot a huge load and finish this sexy scene with a kiss!















Kirk Cummings Fucks Sam Northman (CollegeDudes)

Kirk Cummings and Sam Northman are both sexy studs looking to bust a nut, and they aren’t holding back!  They rub each other a little, getting excited as they make out and Sam’s shirt comes off, then his pants, and then Kirk’s mouth is wrapped around Sam’s hard cock!  But he only gets in a few good pumps before he goes for that ass, spreading Sam’s ass apart and rimming his tight little hole until it’s good and wet, jerking his dick as he licks that ass. 

All that ass play gets Sam worked up and he takes out some of that sexual energy on Kirk’s prick, deepthroating that meat and stroking it with his hand and mouth.  But Kirk just didn’t seem to get enough of that ass, and they get in the 69 position with Sam sucking cock and Kirk rimming that ass.  Once Sam’s ass and Kirk’s dick are slippery with spit, Sam sits right on that prick and rides it, his own dick bouncing as he moves himself up and down on Kirk!  

They try some doggy style action next, allowing Kirk to get deep inside of Sam as he fucks him, and then Sam flips onto his back and spreads his legs apart for Kirk as he enters him, pumping him full of his dripping wet dick until they can’t hold back anymore and they both cum onto Sam’s hot abs.


















Ty Royal Tops Tyson Pierce (CollegeDudes)

Ty Royal and Tyson Pierce both just finished an intense workout, and they’re ready to relax and finish their day off with a good fuck.  They can’t keep their hands off of each other to begin with, and once they’re done with the small talk, they get right to it!  These two boys make out, kissing and undressing piece by piece until they’re both naked and hornier than ever. 

Ty gets on his knees and starts rimming Tyson, burying his face in Tyson’s little ass before he sticks his dick in it instead!  Ty tops Tyson and pounds him hard while Tyson plays with his own cock as he gets his ass stretched by Ty.  Then they take a little break from the ass-pounding and 69, both getting their pricks sucked as Ty holds Tyson’s legs in the air, but they opt for a more comfortable position to 69 in and continue that hot sucking! 

But Ty wants that tight ass again, and he gets Tyson on top of him, letting him sit on his big cock  and ride it hard, bouncing up and down so that he can get Ty’s prick deep inside of him until he cums all over.  Ty can’t hold back any more and he pulls out, bends Tyson over and busts a nut onto his back and ass!

















Owen Michaels Tops Roman Daniels (CollegeDudes)

Owen Michaels and Roman Daniels are super horny and ready to fuck, and it’ll be a good one because Roman hasn’t bottomed in over a year!  But before he gets his asshole stretched, he undresses Owen and licks all over his body, his chest, abs, arms, thighs, teasing him until he finally gets that tongue on Owen’s dick.  He pulls Owen’s huge prick in and out of his mouth, sucking on his balls and running his wet tongue along his hard shaft as Owen watches him from above. 

Owen wants a taste of Roman as well, and his next move shows why he has earned the middle name “Superman”, as he lifts Roman up and flips him around, 69ing while standing up!  Owen throws Roman onto the bed and they continue to 69 for a bit until Roman insists on riding Owen’s giant cock, and of course Owen doesn’t refuse! 

Roman climbs on top of Owen and sits on that throbbing prick, going slow so his tight ass can adjust to Owen’s size.  Once he’s got that dick all the way in, he lets loose and rides it hard, letting Owen take charge and fuck him anyway he wants until Roman is cumming all over himself!  Owen pulls out and shoots his load right onto Roman’s face, and Roman cleans up any of the left overs on Owen’s dick!
















Dante Monroe Tops Taylor Blaise (CollegeDudes)

Dante Monroe is a newbie and a true college dude, and he’s looking to bust a nut with the help of Taylor Blaise!  Taylor admires Dante’s body, appreciating all the chiseled muscles from his years playing football, and he plants kisses across his toned body and down to his cock, taking it out of Dante’s pants and sucking on it before going back up to make out a little. 

But Taylor hasn’t gotten enough of Dante’s meat, and he gives him some more head before they 69 on the couch, getting one another good and hard before Dante bends Taylor over and shoves his cock inside of his tight little ass.  Taylor moans as he takes that dick, letting Dante ride him hard and deep, his balls slapping against Taylor’s ass as he fucks him.  They move over to the bed next and Taylor straddles Dante, sitting down on his prick and riding it, up and down, in and out, making his ass sore as he bottoms for Dante. 

They change it up one more time, Taylor on his back and Dante on top of him with Taylor’s legs on his shoulders, spreading that ass wide open for Dante as he pumps Taylor full of his hard cock.  Taylor shoots his load with Dante still buried deep inside of him, and Dante busts a nut as Taylor sucks on his nipples and plays with his balls!


















Troy Taylor Fucks Jacob Gamble (CollegeDudes)

Jacob Gamble interrupts Troy Taylor’s study session and Troy isn’t shy about letting Jacob know that he wants him!  They don’t waste much time, getting right to the cock-sucking as Troy goes down on Jacob, pulling that delicious meat in and out of his mouth and kissing his way up and down Jacob’s hard shaft.  While Troy is giving Jacob some amazing oral, he makes sure to give his own cock some attention, pulling it out of his shorts and stroking it as he keeps Jacob’s prick in his mouth. 

But Jacob wants some dick, too, and he sits down to give Troy head, letting Troy face-fuck him as he chokes on that cock.  Jacob’s hot oral skills get Troy super horny and he goes right for that ass, rimming Jacob’s tight hole before shoving his cock in it!  Jacob straddles Troy, riding that prick hard as he spreads his ass wide apart so that Troy can get his dick deep inside.  

Troy wants a little more control and he bends Jacob over and fucks him that way, pumping Jacob full of his hard cock as Jacob moans for more.  One last change in positions as Troy tops Jacob and these boys are shooting their white-hot loads all over!


















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