Dillon Anderson Fucks Alex Maxim (CollegeDudes)

Dillon Anderson and Alex Maxim go at each other, kissing and touching, sucking and feeling their way around one another’s body until Alex finally finds his way down to Dillon’s cock!  He frees that dick from Dillon’s boxers and sucks on his balls and shaft until he’s made that prick hard, then he straddles Dillon and puts his ass in Dillon’s face, giving him no other option than to rim his tight hole and play with his entrance with his fingers. 

Alex bends down and takes that sweet cock in his mouth again as Dillon buries his face in Alex’s ass, and once they’ve had their fill of foreplay and 69ing, Alex climbs on top of Dillon and sits on his hard dick!  His own prick bounces around as he rides Dillon’s dick, getting it deep up his ass as Dillon enjoys the view of Alex’s perfect ass on his cock! 

They stand up next and Alex bends over, letting Dillon enter him and fuck him hard as he thrusts that dick into him over and over again, harder and harder as he smacks Alex’s ass while he pounds him.  They take it back to the bed, Alex on top riding Dillon again, but that feeling of Dillon filling up his ass is too much and he drops his load onto Dillon’s chest and Dillon pulls out and finishes in front of Alex.















Owen Michaels Fucks Jake Silver (CollegeDudes)

Jake Silver straddles Owen Michaels and gives him a nice massage, working his muscles and sliding his hands across his back until Owen suggests some other muscles he can work on.  He makes him kiss and lick his biceps, going back and forth between his two strong arms and giving his nipples some much needed attention along the way. 

Owen isn’t afraid to take control and tell Jake what to do, and Jake submits to his every desire, letting Owen face fuck the shit out of him as he takes that dick down his throat and gags on it.  Owen lies back on the bed and tells Jake to undress and spread his ass, giving him a nice view of that tight hole before he demands that Jake come and sit on his hard cock.

Of course Jake obeys, and Owen fucks him hard, smacking his ass as he pounds that tight ass and gets rough with his submissive little bottom, demanding that he get on the floor so that Owen can have his way with him.  Owen takes a break from stretching Jake’s ass for long enough to pick him up, throw him on the bed and destroy that ass some more until Jake cums across his chest and abs and Owen turns him around and gives that obedient little bottom a facial!

















Marco Santana Fucks Alex Greene (CollegeDudes)

Marco Santana takes the lead, laying Alex Greene back on the bed slowly as he kisses his lips, his neck, running his hands over Alex’s body while Alex loses one piece of clothing at a time until he’s naked under Marco.  They keep their lips locked as Marco undresses and then grabs for Alex’s cock and ass, laying down on the bed next to him and letting Alex get a mouthful of his big dick. 

Alex gives some hot oral until Marco’s prick is standing hard and straight and then he pulls his legs back and lets Marco enter him, going slow at first but then taking no mercy as he buries himself in Alex.  His balls slap against Alex’s ass as he pounds him, thrusting deep inside as Alex turns to give him the best angle he can manage while getting his ass ripped apart. 

They kiss some more while Marco fucks him and moves his hips in delicious ways, jerking Alex’s hard dick while he’s inside of him but then giving that up and focusing purely on the penetration so that he can shoot his load across Alex’s back.  Alex strokes one out and drops a huge load onto the bed as he squeezes out every last drop.















Owen Michaels Fucks Alex Greene (CollegeDudes)

Owen Michaels and Alex Greene are paired up for this sexy scene filled with cock-sucking, ass-fucking, making out, and of course, loads of cum!  They take it slow at first, kissing and getting a feel for one another before Alex reaches down and plays with Owen’s bulge before finally ripping off his pants and kneeling down to blow him! 

He licks that cock up and down, letting Owen thrust into him as he relaxes his throat and lets is slide into his mouth.  Now that Alex got him hard, Owen can barely control himself as he climbs on top of Alex and slides his prick right into that tight little hole, shoving it deep inside of Alex as he takes that dick.  They change it up a little, playing to Owen’s strength as Alex balances on his lap and Owen holds him up and rides him hard as Alex’s own stiff cock bounces all over while Owen destroys his ass! 

These two horny boys like it hard and a little rough, and Owen isn’t afraid to position Alex exactly how he wants him, moving them over to the couch next as he fucks him. Alex yanks on his own meat, letting his cock slide between his hand as Owen stretches his ass from behind until finally he shoots his milky load all over, with Owen cumming next, all over his back!















Dillon Anderson And Owen Michaels (CollegeDudes)

If you want to see two sexy studs fucking and sucking the cum out of each other, then look no further!  Owen Michaels and Dillon Anderson enjoy some kisses as they make out and touch each other, getting their shirts off and eventually the pants as Dillon eyes Owen’s cock like a kid in a candy store!  He kisses that dick through Owen’s boxers before finally unleashing the beast and tackling it with his mouth, deepthroating that cock as runs his tongue along the long shaft. 

Owen is dying for a taste of Dillon’s meat and picks him right up, balancing him on his shoulders while he sucks on that big dick!  When his arms are tired from holding Dillon up and his mouth is tired of oral, he decides to work out his cock next and shoves it in Dillon’s ass nice and slow, giving his tight hole time to adjust before he starts fucking him harder.  They flip and now Dillon tops Owen, and it’s clear that Owen doesn’t bottom much as he can hardly take Dillon’s prick at first, but once it’s in Dillon can’t hold back!  He fucks him until they flip again and Dillon shoots his load with Owen still buried deep inside of him…until he pulls out and adds his own cum to the pile!

















Owen Michaels Fucks Alex Maxim (CollegeDudes)

Owen Michaels and Alex Maxim can’t keep their hands off of each other…or their mouths, either!  They exchange some deep, passionate kisses as the clothes slowly come off and Alex works his way down to Owen’s waiting cock, where he wraps his mouth around it and sucks on that dick. He plays with Owen’s balls while he gives him head, massaging his cock with his lips while Owen goes from 6 to midnight and then bends Alex over the bed to shove that hard prick up his tight ass!  Alex touches himself while Owen fucks him, making that perfect ass bounce as he rams his cock into him over and over. 

Alex is loving Owen’s long, hard dick buried deep in his ass, but his wang is in need of some oral, and Owen is quick to deliver as he sucks on Alex’s delicious cock, getting him hard before he gets Alex back on the bed and destroys that ass again!  He fucks Alex hard and deep, stretching that tight ass until Alex shoots his load onto himself…and when Owen pulls out and cums all over Alex, he gives that sexy boy a nice facial to end this hot scene!
















Alex Greene Fucks Stefan Nash (CollegeDudes)

Alex Greene and Stefan Nash are in need of some sweet release, so when we put these two boys together, they don’t waste time getting things heated up!  They kiss, pushing their tongues together as they rub each other’s dicks though their pants so that when Stefan drop his boxers, his prick is already standing at attention!  Alex goes right for that juicy dick, sucking and deepthroating until they switch places and Stefan is the one giving head! 

Alex’s huge cock is too much for Stefan’s mouth, but he tries his hardest to get that beast of a dick down his throat.  They make out some more, their naked bodies pressing against one another as their throbbing dicks touch, until finally Alex lubes up that slides that fat cock into Stefan’s ass! 

He holds his legs up, spreading that ass wide open as he pounds his hole, fucking him hard and then changes positions to please Stefan from a different angle.  Stefan climbs on top and rides Alex’s hard prick, his own dick bouncing all over as he gets fucked by Alex.  But Stefan wants to shoot that load, and he grabs his cock and jerks himself off then lets Alex cum all over him!















Jake Silver Fucks Dillon Anderson (CollegeDudes)

Jake Silver and Dillon Anderson are two studs looking to bust a nut and make some dough, and they’re ready to help each other do that!  They start nice and slow, kissing and touching as they strip down, and once they’re both nearly naked, Dillon wraps his lips around Jake’s cock and sucks it until it’s hard.  He swings his ass around and dangles his dick in front of Jake’s face, and he takes the bait, giving him head as they 69 and slobber all over each other’s pricks! 

Jake buries his face between Dillon’s ass cheeks and rims his hole, getting that entrance wet before he slides his cock inside of it, being gentle as Dillon’s ass adjusts to his size.  Once that asshole has stretched, he starts fucking a little faster and deeper as he bends Dillon over the desk and destroys his ass with that throbbing cock.  Dillon straddles Jake and bounces up and down on that dick, moaning as he rides Jake’s member, then taking it up the ass in another position until he cums, followed by Jake, who strokes one out and gives himself a facial! 















Dillon, Owen And Stefan (CollegeDudes)

Owen Michaels takes the lead when we bring two new guys into the studio for a threesome: Stefan Nash and Dillon Anderson.  He lets them introduce themselves before he suggests that they start making out and take their shirts off, and they don’t seem to mind being told what to do!  Owen sits back on the bed and rubs his dick as he watches these two newbies put on a show, with Dillon making his way down to Stefan’s cock and then taking that huge dick in his mouth. 

Owen decides to get in on the action and shoves his cock into Dillon’s face, demanding some oral as Dillon tries to please both dudes at once.  Stefan gives head next, deepthroating those two pricks before taking it up the ass with Dillon pounding him from behind as Stefan sucks Owen’s cock. Owen wants a piece of that ass, though, and he gets Stefan to sit on his dick next, letting him ride that cock as his own dick bounces up and down as they fuck hard!  Owen and Dillon take another turn topping Stefan before he cums all over himself, and the other two aren’t far behind him, shooting some huge loads as Owen unloads onto Stefan’s face!


















Jake Silver Tops Alex Greene (CollegeDudes)

Jake Silver is a newbie on the set, and Alex Greene is back for more after taking a break from porn, so this combination of experienced and innocent makes for a very fun scene!  These boys start with some kisses, making out and taking it slow before Jake wraps his lips around Alex’s cock, working that dick with his wet mouth as Alex shows him just how he likes it. 

They lock lips again and Alex goes for Jake’s junk, massaging it a little before he directs that hottie back to his prick, making him work for his pleasure with some more oral!  Then, finally, once this newbie has done his time cock-sucking, he gets some head before he rimming Alex’s tight hole then shoving his dick inside of it! Jake bends Alex over the bed and pounds his tight hole, dominating that ass as he pumps in and out of Alex, then flipping him on his back and fucking him that way! 

Alex is loving Jake’s long, hard cock up his ass and he strokes his own prick while Jake tops him, and then Alex climbs onto Jake and rides that dick until he cums all over this newbie, then makes Jake stroke his own dick until he busts a nut! 
















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