JC and Noel (SouthernStrokes)


We found out that Noel was a professional massage therapist so we thought we
would put a super horny JC on his table and see what happens. Our boy Noel may
be straight but you can tell that he knows how to get him clients squirming when
he gets then naked on his table.

Noel big dark hands starting on JC’s back using long hard strokes from his
shoulders all the way down the JC’s bare ass. It only took a few strokes before
JC as asking to see our big studs cock. Noel was happy to take out his big black
meat and let JC get a taste.

After a few minutes, the boys trade places and a now naked Noel was on his
back letting our hungry JC show him how a boy gives a blow job. Noel was loving
it and so was JC. My favorite had to be with Noel picked up JC and stood him on
his head so that he could give him a good face fucking.

JC worked hard to get
that nut out of Noel’s big cock and now it was his turn. JC kicked back on the
table and tightened his beautiful chest and abs as he let out one huge squire
that could have put out a fire.















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