Private Jackson Lee (NakedMarine)

Studly, muscular, and tattooed Private Jackson Lee joins us today from the Infantry Division of the army where he has served for nearly three years, hoping to continue protecting our freedoms and effortlessly looking sexy while doing so. Jackson starts off by rubbing his intimidating bulge though his sexy desert cammo pants before he takes of jacket and unbuttons his fly to give that gorgeous black monster dick some breathing room. Grasping that thick shaft and tugging relentlessly, Private Jackson really gets his heart rate up while putting on a show for the camera no one will soon forget. Taking off his shirt, Jackson reveals a jagged tribal tattoo that swirls past his left nipple and wraps around his shoulder reaching down his arm, right before pushing his pants down around his ankles and getting on his knees continuing to aggressively pump until just slight bit of glistening precum becomes visible at the tip of his big hard cock. Next, Jackson lays back on the carpet furiously man-handling that fuck-rod until huge globs of pearly white jizz fire down upon a set of perfectly sculpted abdominal muscles and his soldierly exercise is complete.










Petty Officer Clayton and Brad are shooting the shit on the cot. Brad is about to be deployed to Afghanistan and he’s wearing the Army’s latest and greatest in camouflage to get ready for action. The guys get a little restless and begin showing each other their least- and most-favorite physical training exercises. The sinew of Army Specialist Brad’s youthful muscles contrasts with the seasoned Petty Officer’s mature military build. The PT devolves into another sort of physical competition as the two start to stroke their cocks while watching some porn. Clayton’s ever-horny demeanor spills out as the shy Private tries to work on his cock through the virgin uniform. He’s finally talked into a single kiss. Clayton takes the opportunity to reach over and feel what’s kindling under the fireproof material. The guys whip out their swords and Clayton immediately goes in for some sucking on the young private uncut military cock. He leans back and enjoys the feeling of the velvety inner cock sleeve of Clayton’s mouth. Finally the elder soldier asks if Brad wants to give cocksucking a go. He jumps right into his work like a foxhole. He slurps happily and enjoys every minute of Clayton’s hard staff. Not satisfied with the oral arrangement, Brad offers to fuck Clayton – who quickly obliges. Brad goes at Clayton’s hole from behind, working his cock deep inside the sailor’s warm inner sanctum. Clayton grunts and moans, alternating between pain and pleasure. Flipping onto his back, Petty Officer Clayton is ready to have Brad’s rod seek it’s home port. Brad pumps away, caressing Clayton’s hairy chest and tweaking his nipples to add to the fun. Clayton begins to groan and his thick cock erupts white jelly onto his furry abs. Brad is ready too. He coats Clayton’s face with glistening military goo – so excited that he shoots beyond his comrade, onto the cot and the floor beyond.










Petty officer Rohn is about as All-American as you can get. This cutie is blond, perky, hairy in all the right places, and friendly as can be. He has a great attitude, loves his country and has the stars and stripes tattoo to prove it. Rohn had one of the most dangerous jobs on the flight deck as an aviation structural mechanic. But that still didn’t keep him from having fun. He actually loved the responsibility of having his pilots’ lives resting in his hands when he had to climb inside the jet engine to kick start the planes. Even 12 foot propellers spinning in his face didn’t stop Rohn from getting the job done. On land, he was even air traffic controller waving jets home to safety. Rohn has only fooled around with women on the boat, but his fellow man did cross his mind once in a while. Poor guy never quite did anything about it just yet. On land and dressed in his uniform, Rohn has some excess energy to burn off. He pulls a nice chubby as soon as his fingers even grazed his crotch. Working his soldier to full salute, Rohn whips out a perfectly pink dick nestled in a big bush of blond pubic hair. He gets a little more comfortable and when he is done working his balls, his fingers do a little exploring in his tight hairy hole. Rohn gets more intense as he beats his dick and begins to moan. Faster and faster he jerks until the certified Navy fly-boy jizz leaps out of his cock and pools on his hand. All shyness aside, Rohn gets a taste of his own medicine and licks his fingers clean.










Most military men are natural competitors, Petty Officer Rohn and Lance Corporal Chris are no exemption to this rule. These studs have both been deployed over seas, worked some of the most dangerous jobs in the service, and have a fire burning inside them that can’t be denied. There has always been a rivalry between the Marines and the Navy, these two branches of the military work closely side by side and are always trying to out run, fight and fuck each other. Rohn and Chris start by swapping stories from their enlistment days, everything from the dangers of working on a flight deck to military issued sex toys. These hunks really tell all! Despite their natural competitive training, Rohn and Chris hit it off pretty well. After a little bonding while watching a porn, nature takes its course and before you know it, they are giving each other a helping hand. With both soldiers at full mast, Chris the Marine takes matter into his own hands (and mouth) and leans over to give Navy boy Rohn a military issued suck off. Rohn rolls his eyes back into his head and can’t believe what he had been missing out on all those years on the flight deck. He returns that favor to a more than pleased Chris. Pants still around his ankles, Chris wants to one-up his fellow man once again. He spins his partner into a sweet 69 and they both go at it cock sucking and finger fucking. With Chris knuckle deep in his ass gets Rohn so hot and bothered he jumps up and shoots 6 inch ropes straight into the hungry Marine’s mouth. This was all cum hungry Chris needed to blow his top, he lets his own load fly all over his smooth freckled chest and stomach and even lands some in his belly button. His new favorite wing-man Rohn gathers the gold and feeds every last drop to him. Both of these soldiers deserve medals after this hot suck-fest.








Firefighter Ryler and Private Roman seem to have a natural rapport as they discuss their professional lives and the service they have each contributed to their communities. As they exchange ideas about camaraderie in the line of duty, a shared passion begins to stir. These two have a palpable chemistry that oozes all over the bed, promising a hot military sex scene. Ryler and Roman deliver the deep-dicking goods in almost immediate abundance! The moment Ryler un-sheaths his hardened spear, Roman can’t take his eyes off of it! Ryler’s sweet cock in his commanding grip has Roman licking his lips with yearning. Roman leans in, and placing his hand on Ryler’s thigh, asks if he can touch the glistening fuck-tool. Moments after Ryler concedes, Roman moves effortlessly from stroking Ryler’s cock with his capable hand, to sucking it with his hungry mouth. Ryler closes his eyes, gasping with pleasure, while Roman greedily gobbles up the cockfest. Ryler maniacally thrusts into Roman’s eager mouth with his rigid tool, fucking Roman’s facehole. Overly excited, Ryler doesn’t want to blow his load too fast. He takes the opportunity to deep-throat Roman’s massive mansteak. Ryler sucks at a frenzied pace, with the speed of each sloppy slurp nearly drowning out Roman’s ecstatic cries. Roman, with eyes tightly clinched together, screams out, “Oh, that’s fucking good!” The action only gets hotter, as Ryler wields Roman’s legs overhead. Ryler’s so ready to plant his hot poker in Roman’s ass that he doesn’t even pull Roman’s pants off all the way! He’s not the only one who’s lost his patience, as Roman screams, “Stick it in!” Ryler barrels into Roman’s ass, while Roman pulls violently on his own hungry cock! Ryler sends shockwaves of pleasure throughout Roman’s core, shaking the bed with every spasmic thrust. These two are on fire! Roman can’t get enough of Ryler’s manhandling, and jumps into Ryler’s lap. Roman reaches back to spread his ass so that Ryler can achieve maximum penetration. As their fucking peaks with the intensity of a sudden earthquake, Roman smacks his spunk all over his stomach. His cock spits hot white bullets of jizz on his lean torso as he rides the wave of Ryler’s deep penetration. Ryler’s ready to bust his nut, as Roman takes position on the floor to receive his facial. Ryler slaps his dick into Roman’s face as he squirts, straining and eventually draining his cum scepter. This is a fuck scene worthy of a replay!








Army Specialist Brad has just returned from Iraq, and will soon be on his way to Afghanistan. Wearing a brand new uniform especially created for the rugged terrain of Afghanistan’s mountainous regions, Brad explains the meaning of each new insignia attached to his shirt. Brad’s timid nature is refreshingly charming. He is modest in his demeanor, even while recounting saving another soldier’s life! His lack of arrogance seems to accentuate his boyish good looks. His eyes, darkly intent, underscore his earnestness. Brad is a buddy you can rely on in the trenches, and lean on in the barracks. Brad aims to prove his worth, in the flesh. Leaning back on the cot, he takes off his shirt to reveal a furry patch of chest hair and rippling abdominals. He begins to rub his manmeat through his pants, then quickly loosens his belt and digs in! As Brad strokes his growing cock, his grip tightens, and the sweet smacking sound of flesh against palm permeates the air. Brad’s penis grows taut. Fattened veins pulsing purple dance up his shaft and criss-cross like indicator arrows pointing to his throbbing head. He gently lifts his ball sack, rubbing the blushing skin tenderly between his fingers. Placing his fingertips to his tongue, he moistens each digit, and caresses his cock with his saliva drenched fingers. Brad changes positions, and straddles the bed. Up on all fours, he lowers his back, pushing his ass into the air. His pert, round bottom is covered in a rich layer of fur. He pulls at his ass cheek to reveal an open and inviting hole- red like a berry and just as juicy! With his ass still in the air, Brad pumps his cock, tugging his balls with his other hand. His blatant desire overwhelms him. Brad sprawls back onto the cot, lost in the near perfect moment leading to unrestrained bliss. He’s pulling his cock with such fervor that each of his arm and torso muscles flex with the sustained tension of impending release. His shallow panting resounds in a series of hushed moans as he clenches against his orgasm. Tiny beads of shimmering spunk, like abalone pearls, cling to his sweaty, glistening torso hair. Brad lays back, exhausted and spent of pleasure.







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